By Alvin Engelke

The local area received some much needed rain that was celebrated by many amphibians including the tree frogs (toads).

Several local folks are planning on attending the W. Va. State Folk Festival in Glenville at the end of the week.

Former Wirt magistrate Phyllis McCoy passed away after discovering that she had cancer.

Judy Price Bennett, age 72 passed away June 9 and was buried in Akron. She was a daughter of Harley Bennett who formerly lived on the Saurborne place on Little Creek and died in 1949. Harley was a son of Jim Bennett who was Fred Bennett's brother. Fred lived on Goose Nest.

Nancy Engelke motored to Peoria Illinois to see her brother-in-law Bill Welch who was diagnosed with cancer three weeks ago. He passed away Saturday evening.

Former Creston resident Frank Sandy celebrated his 80th birthday.

Someone has been shooting an AK-47 in the area recently. Apparently they have lots of ammo.

Area residents attended the public meeting in Elizabeth held by the Coplin Clinic on the proposed rest home for Wirt County. The local legislators were able to get a bill through down at the Mouth of the Elk to allow a facility in Wirt County. It is a sad state of affairs when business decisions, especially those relating to health are made by government functionaries in far away places who couldn't care less about individual citizens and the rights granted under the United States Constitution.

It was learned that the Wirt road crews is going to install permanent submarines (low water crossings) on lower Straight Creek before the Belt graveyard and before the Joe Parsons residence.

Mother Hope (Dominion)'s man Mr. Rexroad announced that the company was doing a bat survey over in Bear Fork in relation to the new Marcellus gas pipeline project which goes from the West Fork to Lockney. The Bat habitat study is required by the federal endangered species act (16 USC 1531, et seq.)

It was learned that Freddie Bush's wife is suffering with a cancer. Jim Bush is recovering from broken bones, cut, bruises, etc after his span of mules got spooked by a bicycle rider on the wagon ride and took off over the hill, wagon and all.

Some southern West Virginia counties had been in the limelight as a result of voting irregularities but Madison Wisconsin took the lead with a 119% voter turnout in the attempt to remove the governor there who had instituted reforms that saved the state from insolvency.

Estelle Tedrick is reported to being much better.

A group from a Baptist church in Louisiana has been working on the new Miller residence at Annamoriah.

The Calhoun road crew was mowing W. Va. 5 for the second time.

Volkswagen is making a car in America that gets 72 miles/gallon but the Big Eared One will not allow it to be sold in the United States. Apparently it would "compete unfairly" with the Obamamobiles or Volts that were marketing flops made by GM (Government Motors). GMAC (formerly known as General Motors Acceptance Corporation) is now bankrupt and one fellow has a home mortgage with the defunct firm.

The Federal Reserve reported that over the last four years or so the average American's net worth has dropped 40% that, along with Citibank's report that 23% of small business owners did not pay themselves this past year is part of the Won's statement that the private sector is "fine".

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude dropped to $82.57/bbl with condensate fetching $71.46, Marcellus and Utica light $74.82 and medium $84.07

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