GLENVILLE, W. Va. - Glenville State College has announced the names of GSC students who attained the Provost's Honor List for the Spring 2012 semester. To be named to the Provost's Honor List, a student must have a minimum 3.5 grade point average.

The students making the Provost's Honor List are listed as follows according to their county of residence.

Braxton County: Candace M. Butler, Tyler J. Carr, Jared W. Conley, Maranda D. Frame, Ashley B. Gauldin, Marcy B. Hamilton, Stephany L. Harper, Tiffani L. Huffman, Morgan King, Sara K. Marks, Rachel R. Morrison, Nancy M. Mulhare, Casey D. Posey, Jillian D. Robison, Megan L. Rollins, Shirley J. Sartin, Kelly D. Westfall.

Calhoun County: Kenneth Carpenter, Dana G. Ferrell, Mark E. Geiger, Michaela K. Grogg, Melissa F. Jarvis, Wayne S. Johnson, Christinia M. LoVine, Kaitlin M. Mefford, Sarah J. Ratliff, Randy R. Smith, Ashley D. Woodford.

Clay County: Kimberly D. Nichols, Logan Ramsey, Julie A. Walker, Timothy L. Whitney.

Gilmer County: Cary C. Barlow, Justin A. Brown, Brandy M. Burkhammer, Mary C. Butcher, Lindsay S. Butner, Devin K. Cottrill, Olivia F. Ferrell, David A. Finley, Brian L. Flesher, Aaron Frymier, Kyle S. Kelly, Sara J. McFarland, Andrea B. Minigh, Lukas C. Montgomery, Jacqueline K. Moore, Chasity N. Moyers, Casey D. Pritt, William M. Radcliff, Emily E. Ramezan, Rachel R. Ramezan, Nicole C. Riffle, Jamie N. Sponaugle, Timothy A. Swiger, Michael F. Wasylyk, Deandre L. Williams, Sara D. Wise.

Jackson County: Robert B. DeWees, Dustin J. Mullins, Scott A. Ullom.

Ritchie County: Carol J. Bearce, Shana M. Gribble, Boris Nimcevic, Siona N. Osborne, Jared M. Shipe, Kimberly A. Smith, Kimberly D. Wilson.

Roane County: Racheal L. Fetty, Katie J. Nutter, Aaron S. Parsons, Clarissa Pinson, Chad Stricklin, Katherine J. Williams.

Wirt County: Tate M. Linder, Samantha N. Moore.

Glenville State College President's Honor List for Spring 2012

To be named to the President's Honor List, a student must have a 4.0 grade point average.

The students making the President's Honor List are listed as follows according to their county of residence.

Braxton County: Tiffany L. Berry, Jeanie M. Bragg, Chance J. Chapman, Janis R. Collins, Christopher L. Rhodes, Jessica E. Stout, Kyle J. Warner, Erica L. Whitney.

Calhoun County: Chelsey L. Ball, Autumn J. Harkins, Andrew R. Metheney, Judith J. Urbanic.

Clay County: Courtney E. Cole, Tammy A. Dobbins-Wolfe.

Fayette County: Derrick M. Crawford Gilmer County: Ezekiel G. Bonnett, Marilynn L. Burkowski, Heather Coleman, Mischell Frame, Rachael M. James, , Noah L. Kinder, Kelly M. King, Sydney J. Pettit, Elora D. Shock, Jessi L. Smith, Mistie R. Starcher, Asa C. Witte, Jacob N. Wolfe.

Ritchie County: Amanda Abramovich, Samantha J. Brookover, Allan J. Crum.

Roane County: Courtney M. Miller.

Wirt County: Allen R. Arnold.

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