The resignation of Arnoldsburg Elementary School principal Sheri Graham was accepted Monday night by the Calhoun County Board of Education. Graham has taken a principal's position in the Wood County school system.

Two members of the LSIC (Local School Improvement Council) asked the Calhoun County Board of Education to consider a second site for a playground at Calhoun Middle School's Mt. Zion Complex. The group has received $10,000 from the Budget Digest.

Tammy Nichols (L) and Jim Morgan want playground site changed

Jim Morgan and Tammy Nichols said the group feels a new location near the school's athletic fields would make a better playground. The proposed site is near the entrance to the Middle School building. School principal Roger Propst told the group their new choice had increased liability, and has some risks.

Members of the Board agreed to look at the physical location of the proposed playgrounds, prior to a decision.

Morgan said "We will use our money wisely."

A major overhaul on the interior of Pleasant Hill Elementary School has been underway for three weeks, according to administrator Donnie Pitts. "The sprinkler system and the elevator pit is moving along," he said. "The school will have a whole new look," using a grant to upgrade the facility.

Greg Cartwright reveals major changes in education

Administrator Greg Cartwright presented information regarding the changing face of public education, much of it related to higher academic standards for graduation. Cartwright explained to the Board the system will essentially run two tracks, one for college-bound students and another directed toward creating a skilled workforce.

Board President Rick Fitzwater expressed concerns about "making decisions at age 14" about what track to follow. Cartwright said there was flexibility up to entering the 11th grade.

"Does this mean students who have followed a technical skills track cannot change their mind and enter college?" asked Fitzwater. "They will not be able to do so," said Cartwright.

Cartwright explained some of the new academic standards, which includes two foreign languages and more math and science, in order to graduate in the academic track, originally called "college prep."

The State Department of Education has tightened the rules which would allow Seniors to opt out of school early, in addition to a new rule that 75% of students must be attending each day for the "day of instruction" to be counted. The legislature has declared schools must be teaching 180 instructional days.

Cartwright discussed Policy 2510 "Assuring the Quality of Education," in addition to Policy 4110 relating to attendance, Policy 4373 which defines the "Student Code of Conduct."

The Board passed the State Department of Education's "Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Policy."

Board member Carlene Frederick raised the issue of "dead-head miles" relating to school busing, and Ralph Cunningham expressed an idea of charging for seats on the extra curricular buses as a way of providing the service.

Details relating to student transfers, employment and finances will be published.

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