Calhoun County students received recognition for their accomplishments at an awards ceremony held at Calhoun Middle-High School.

Semper Fidelis Music Excellence Award - United States Marine Corps - Allison Gumbarevic.

Distinguished Athlete Award - United States Marine Corps - Nathan Cosgrove.

Scholastic Excellence Award - United States Marine Corps - Danielle Lancaster

West Virginia University Honors Band - Allison Gumbarevic, E1le Webb.

Glenville State College Honors Band - Dylan Deweese, Cassandra Lamont, Danielle Richards.

Promise Scholarships - Allison Gumbarevic, Sarah Lane, Emmalee Knotts, Jonah Law, Ariane Stough.

Governor's Honors Academy - Joshua Adams, Mercy Roberts.

H.O.B.Y. - Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership - Kelsey Jett.

West Virginia National Youth Science Camp - Christopher Goad.

Danny & Luke Hickman Memorial Scholarship - (To Be Announced)

President's Award for Educational Excellence - Allison Gumbarevic.

MOV Internship Recipients-Northern WV Rural Health Education Center - Jean Blair, Chelsea Jones, Makayla Johnson, Jordan Mace, Kenadee Taylor.

Regional Outstanding HSTA Student - Sidney Hipp.

WSAZ Channel 3 - Best Of The Class 2012 - Rochelle Gerwig.

Top Of The Mountain Award - Allison Gumbarevic.

High Honor Graduates 2011-2012 - Samantha Church, Danielle Lancaster, Rochelle Gerwig, Sarah Lane, Allison Gumbarevic, Jordan Mace, Emmalee Knotts, Jessica McPherson.

Honor Graduates 2011-2012 - John Ball, Kelcey Bourne, E. Jean Blair, Ariane Stough.

The Challenge Program - Attendance Steven Sims, Academic Improvement Johnathon Poulin, Academic Excellence Jordan Mace, Community Service Jonah Law.

Boys State - Jonathan Collins.

Rhododendron Girls State - Danielle Kendall, Chastity Schoolcraft.

Governor's School for the Arts - Chelsea Hicks.

Social Studies: Grade 9 - First Place Psychology Makensy Bailey, First Place World History Haley Boswell, Brandy Dobbins, Tiffany Rush.

Second Place World History Tyler Gerwig, Kenneth Wolf Jr.

Third Place World History Rebecca Houchin, Justyn Starcher

Social Studies: Grades 10-12 - First Place U. S. History Alec Crihfield, Danielle Kendall, Justin Siers.

Golden Horseshoe - Taylor Garrett, Melinda McCumbers.

Geography Bee Winners - Alec Richards, Laura Webb, David Marks.

Social Studies Fair: Grade 8 - First Place Political Science Kimberly Bradley, Emily Felter.

First Place State and Local Witney Boswell, Miranda Farmer.

First Place U.S. History Lillie Farson.

Second Place Economics Haley Knotts.

Second Place Political Science Mckayla Phillips.

Third Place Anthropology Aleah Dye.

Social Studies Fair: Grade 7 - First Place Psychology Holly Rose.

First Place Psychology Makayla Davis, Ashley Siers.

First Place State and Local Ashley Hersman.

First Place U.S. History Victoria Allen, Kaylea Bennett.

First Place World History Daniel Hall, Elijah Melrath.

First Place Geography Sara Harrison.

Second Place Economics Selena McCoy.

Second Place U.S. History Christopher Kirkland, Austin Snider.

Second Place World History Casey Hall.

Third Place Psychology Leigha Daniels, Samantha Gordon.

Third Place World History Kevin Carpenter.

Social Studies Fair: Grade 6 - First Place Anthropology Robert Twist.

First Place Anthropology Savannah Falls, Kinley Hosey.

First Place Economics Trenton Cunningham.

First Place Economics Selina Rush, Carissa Yoak.

First Place Geography Morgan Moneypenny.

First Place Geography Daria Harrison.

First Place Political Science Alexis Phillips.

First Place Sociology Kamaira Myer.

First Place Sociology Micahla Bowen, Jocelynn Heiney.

First Place World History Amy Morris.

Second Place Anthropology Mary Bever.

Second Place Economics Brianna Marks.

Second Place Psychology Natalie Allen.

Second Place Psychology Mercedes Ferrell, Daria Harrison.

Second Place Sociology Mariah Croft.

Second Place U.S. History Sara Bell.

Second Place World History Colby Pettry, Colton Richards.

Third Place Psychology Emily Metz.

Third Place Sociology Kaleb Nicholas.

Third Place U.S. History Amber Garrett, Brad Lacy, Ashley Rush.

Social Studies Fair: Grade 5 - First Place Anthropology Destiny Wager, Anita Wolf.

Second Place U. S. History Josey Manns.

Social Studies Fair: Grade 4 - First Place Anthropology Macy Schoolcraft.

First Place Geography Marissa Mills, Kelsey Morris.

First Place Political Science Colton Cutshaw, Hunter Helmic, C.R. Rogers, Mason Nicholas.

First Place U. S. History Shelby Clawson.

Mathematics Grades 10-12 - Joshua Adams, Allison Gumbarevic, E. Jean Blair, Kelsey Jett, Kayla Church, Autumn Jones, Candice Conrad, Emmalee Knotts, Jared Fitzwater, Danielle Lancaster.

Mathematics Grade 9 - First Place Travis Miles, Second Place Monica Heiney, Third Place Nathaniel Hipp.

Mathematics Grade 8 - First Place Helenna Wood, Second Place Aleah Dye, Third Place Brandi Whited.

Mathematics Grade 7 - First Place Alec Richards, Second Place Seth Moore, Third Place Corey Carpenter.

Mathematics Grade 6 - First Place Robert Twist, Second Place Kaleb Nicholas, Third Place Hayes Vineyard.

Mathematics Grade 5 - First Place Latifa Beard, Second Place Nolan Nelson, Third Place Trevor Carder.

Mathematics Grade 4 - First Place Tiffany Harding, Second Place Ryan Twist, Third Place Kevin Rose.

Young Writers County Winners - Grades 1-2 Tysa James, Grades 3-4 Elizabeth Nary.

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