By Alvin Engelke

A nice crowd was on hand Sunday afternoon for the Creston community Easter party. There was tasty food, treats for the little ones and an Easter egg hunt.

Former Calhoun school nurse Brad Wilson, age 79, passed away. He was a member of the William Rodman Hopkins family as are many other area residents.

Rev. Keith Belt remains a patient in the Camden Clark hospital after getting hit in the nose with a framing hammer. Seems Industry is a tough place but actually it was an accident. He was helping his uncle Ken remove a trailer hitch when the hammer got away from Uncle Ken. Since Rev. Keith is on (d-Con) blood thinner he had real problems not just limited to his broken nose. Rev. Bob Stanley filled in for him at the Easter Sunrise Service.

Gay Park went to the Sunrise service and was having chest pains while there so now she is in the CCU at Camden Clark just around the corner from where her pastor has been sojurning.

Donna Sue Ferrell has been on the sick list.

The local folks were present for W. Harrison Schenerlein IV's fifth birthday party which was held at Gymniks in Vienna. Several of his little friends had a great time there.

Jeff Westfall stayed with his son Austin while Anna Reno attended a meeting in Morgantown.

Jacques Frost has made a number of visits in the Creston area killing some adventurous shoots and flowers.

Casper Shuman, John Mayne, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bush, Nikki Gould, Mr. & Mrs. Billy Butler, Alfred Kight, Colleen Townsend, Mort Frey, Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ward, Bob Lowe & lovely daughter Logan, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lowe, Sr. were all attending to b usiness in Creston.

The Wirt road crew hand patched the road out to the McCray (Snyder) graveyard but the Roane Crew has yet to do anything about the bad holes in the road just past (coming from Spencer) the old Ferd Burdette place. The holes are so deep that one has to come to a complete stop to avoid bending important automotive parts. One local fellow tried to clean out the ditch with his chariot so the road would at least dry up but instead he got hung up and had to be extricated. One would hope that the Roane crew has about a 1/2 ton of crusher run and something to clean the ditch so the water doesn't run across the highway.

There have been lots of four wheelers in the area locally and Casper Shuman reported that they had a very good run Saturday. The Big Creston ATV poker run is scheduled for April 21.

There has been lots of talk about the unemployment numbers and their "improvement". The real impressive number is the 88 million not in the workforce. Independent analysts indicate that the real unemployment number is really 19%, but of course that would not be good for certain slick talkers seeking reelection.

In areas that have "dry" Marcellus leasing activity has slowed but areas that have "wet gas" and lots of fluids the frenzy continues as various outfits try to pick all "the low hanging fruit" or those who will sign on the cheap. Stephen Harman, a spokesman for HG Resources stated that that company (the outfit that ended up with the old South Penn (Pennzoil) properties intended to drill horizontal wells at Brohard. He offered one man $500/acre for a ten year lease with a 1/8th net royalty for property in the middle of the proposed drilling.

Cap'n Spock & Sis have returned from visiting Mr. & Mrs. Steve Newton at the cancer hospital in Oklahoma.

The ramps are up real nice and one fellow found morels bigger than 3 lb coffee cans over in Bear Fork. One of the monsters was big enough for a meal.

The price of natural gas continues to drop although those who burn natural gas and must pay for it indicate that the utilities continue to charge high prices. The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil is $102.36 with condensate [drip] formerly called Appalachian light sweet is $88.26, Marcellus & Utica light $92.44 and medium $103.86.

Work continues at the piling job adjacent to the Oil & Gas Park at Burning Springs. When they drilled for the piling just up the road the drillers got gas in every hole which gave them "quite a thrill". If one listened to the propaganda in the movie "Gasland" one would think that all of the natural gas would have been caused by hydraulic fracturing. However, Burning Springs was so named long, long before anyone thought of using fluids and pressure to break up rock to recover the oil an gas.

Some fellers were painting a roof when they experienced "ladder problems" and had to call for help.

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