By Alvin Engelke

George & Cynthia Engelke were visiting at the Alvin Engelke residence in Creston. They also attended the W. Va. State Folk Festival in Glenville and visited with friends there. Anna Engelke also visited and took in the festival.

The Folk Festival again provided some of the best musical talent and entertainment that can be found anywhere. Also Fawn Valentine presented a talk & slide show on quilting and quilts. She wrote a definitive work on W. Va. quilts and quilters.

Mike & Steve Graham, Dale & Ruth Ann Schrader, Amy, Austin & Ethan Grimmitt, Angie, Megan, Mollie & Mikie Kemp were all calling on Dorothy Graham.

The logs arrived for the new Pennington residence on Burning Springs Run.

About 300 motorcyclists went through Creston Saturday. Some stopped at a water hole on Two Ripple near Elizabeth and they all must have stopped at the "spring" on Nicut Hill.

Those visiting at the Carl Ferrell residence in Creston included Ashley Plummer, Amanda & Junior Odum, the Famous Punkin & friend Jill, Glenna Jean, Jeff, Alley Oop & Austin Westfall, Larry & Mary Ferrell, Roxanne, Junior & Jessica Ferrell, Hanna Ferrell & Chad Whitman, Betty & George, Denny & Heather, The famous Doreen, Ike & Loretta Bell, Doug, Becky, Cody, A. J. & Kiley Starcher, Albert "Bub", Christy, Levi & Luke Ferrell.

Siding is being placed on the Creston Church. Euell Russell is the sidewalk superintendent. When he mentioned that the stuff should be put up straight one of the workmen asked if he wanted to do it for them.

Charles Russell oversaw the hot mix patching that was done in Creston last week. The Alley, Little Creek & Richardsonville roads all were repaired under Charles' watchful eye.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. Next Sunday, being a fifth Sunday, Rev. Carlos Nutter will bring the message and serve Holy Communion.

Bobby Ray Starcher noted that he will have a tool auction, Saturday, July 6, starting at 3 P. M. at his camp on Rowell's Run near Cremo. A friend of Bob's who collected tools, etc, passed away recently.

Columbia's deep well in Clay County has been drilled in and prepared for production. Columbia's Mr. Tanner's initial report was 40 million cubic feet of gas but later reports put the IP at 80 million with 7000 lb on the wellhead. Others said the well was not so good.

Columbia is making preparations to drill an offset, perhaps to another formation, near the Parker discovery well on Payne Ridge in Roane County. Excitement is running high.

For those who may have had problems with the EPA, DNR, etc. a recent report from the swamp down near the mouth of the Potomac River should be good news. It seems that the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Junior Dambuilders) dumps 200,000 tons of toxic sludge each year into the C & O Canal National Park. The sludge then goes into the Potomac River, a designated American Heritage River. For several years various groups & individuals have tried to stop this operation but the EPA said it was OK because dumping of the toxic waste helped the fish since they fled the polluted area. The discharge "actually protects the fish in that they re not inclined to bite (and get eaten by humans) but they go ahead with their upstream movement and egg laying."

A lot of fine first cutting hay was made in the Creston area last week.

The Old Furniture Salesman was back at his old job last week no doubt scheming about what will transpire when the great fishermen return from Canada (or was it the Detroit River below the treatment plant). Of course they claim to be after walleye, muskies, pike, etc. but perhaps they really went to catch carp, mud puppies & lutefisk.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil rose to $22.25/bbl

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