State Police in Spencer have arrested Noah Alan Bailey, 20, of Spring Run, Arnoldsburg, related to stolen items from a Walton residence, and charged him with breaking and entering.

Police are also looking for Robert Starcher related to the same crime. Starcher is wanted on multiple charges, including grand larceny and a felon in possession of a firearm.

Walton resident Michael Wolfe reported to police in January the theft of six guns, two Stihl chainsaws and other items, indicating Starcher and Bailey had knowledge of the items.

Starcher later called the victim [Wolfe], implicating Bailey for the crime, according to the criminal complaint.

State Police went to Bailey's residence at Arnoldsburg with a search warrant and found some of the stolen items, with Bailey telling officers that Starcher did the breaking and entering and that some of the items could be found at 1550 So. Calhoun Highway.

That subject told officers that Starcher came to his residence wanting to trade several items, including guns, a chainsaw, a leaf blower, and a generator, according to the complaint.

He made some purchases and Starcher presented a bill of sale, which was taken into evidence by the State Police. He later made a trade with some of the items and police recovered several of them from another residence at 1438 East Little Kanawha Highway.

Police continued the recovery process with a third individual who had traded for a Winchester 30/30.

The criminal complaint indicates Starcher, during an interview at Central Regional Jail, told police he and Bailey committed the crime, taking the stolen items to Bailey's residence at Arnoldsburg where Starcher was staying.

State Police returned the stolen items they recovered to Michael Wolfe.

The criminal complaint indicates warrants have been now been issued for Robert Starcher, who has a lengthy criminal record, and who authorities have indicated he likely stole a four-wheeler and rode it to Calhoun.

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