Reports indicate at least five cases that resulted in death will be presented to a special Grand Jury in Grantsville later this month.

A special Grand Jury is a rare event in Calhoun.

Two of the cases are related to the alleged abuse and death of infants less than one year old.

One case reportedly led to the death of a 7-month-old infant in 2011, and a recent case involving the death of a 2-month-old infant.

In the recent case, 2-month-old Darlene Marie Rogers died and the child's parents Ashley Kreh, 21, and Ordie Rogers Jr., 30, of Mt. Zion have been charged with her death.

Ashley Kreh been charged with death of a child by parent by child abuse and remains in Central Regional Jail on $750,000 bond. Ordie Rogers, Jr. has been charged with a death of a child by neglect and released on $300,000 bond.

Prosecutor Rocky Holmes attended a State Police press conference in Kanawha County regarding the infant's death and said he would be bringing the case to a grand jury March 20.

Authorities have not made public the incident or investigation of the death of a 7-month-old infant last year, but the case is reportedly being presented to the Grand Jury.

A case could likely be presented against William Seth Denmark, 24, charged with the murder of teen David Beach by the State Police last year.

Barbara Schamberger, Denmark's attorney, has been seeking Denmark's release, at least on bond and home confinement because of the state's failure to present it.

Prosecutor Rocky Holmes told the court Denmark's case had not violated time frames for presentment, with Judge David W. Nibert to rule on the matter.

Denmark, in court last week, pleaded for mercy to Judge Nibert, citing two years of incarceration without being indicted and standing trial.

Thomas Husk, 45, who was charged with the 2nd degree murder in June, 2011 of John Dale Cyrus, 45, has yet to be indicted with time frames for presentment reportedly expiring. It will likely be presented to the special Grand Jury.

A 2006 case regarding the auto-crash death of Heather Richards Myer, 26, at Big Bend is likely to be presented.

Calhoun Prosecutor Rocky Holmes said last May, "The Heather Myer case is being re-investigated by the West Virginia State Police as to whether it was an accident or intentional death.

Holmes said the investigation was being conducted by Cpl. J.A. Bowles, who was assigned to the Grantsville detachment last year.

Bowles is a State Police veteran with forensic experience.

Myer's body was found some distance from a crashed vehicle, the car landed in a yard along State Rt. 5.

Numerous problems sprung following the incident, with the woman's family continuing to raise questions about the State Police's investigation of the death.

Since the incident, family members have been relentless in finding answers, with re-enactments of the crash being conducted. She left behind two small children.

Calhoun prosecutor Rocky Holmes declined a public information request regarding the status of the cases.

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