By Alvin Engelke

Nancy Leora Tucker Bond, age 88, passed away in a rest home in Marietta. She was the last member of the Ben C. Tucker family of Creston.

Florence Sheets, age 85, of Little Hocking, Ohio passed away. She was born in Creston the daughter of the late George and Ruth Boyce Nutter.

Jack Goff, age 59, passed away at his home in Spencer after a bout with cancer. He formerly was a pumper for the WEVA Oil Corporation.

Ruby Skidmore and daughter Shelia, Ding Altizer, Mr. & Mrs. Don Butcher, Debbie & J. B. Griffin & Dixie were among those calling on Aunt Verda at her Millstone residence. Verda, Debbie & J. B. attended the Calhoun County Gospel sing at the community building in Arnoldsburg.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. was consulting with Doryl Copen recently.

Anna, Nancy and Alvin Engelke visited at the farm of Levi Hershberger, the Martin birdhouse maker near Sugar Creek, Ohio. The Hershbergers have 110 nesting pairs of Martins on their farm. Because of the wet spring farm work is behind there too.

Joe Cunningham's crew has been doing some hot mix patching in the Creston area. One day last week they killed a 37" copperhead on Ann's Run. Several said that was the biggest copperhead that they had ever seen.

Kisha Church, who will be 11 before too long, called up a neighbor and said she wanted to work. She said, "I know you have been sick and in the hospital and I know that you need help. I would like to work for you." It cannot be said that she does not have a good work ethic.

The Old Furniture Salesman went over in Athens County Ohio with Paul Jones to show 'em over there how to hunt whistle pigs. When the day was over they had 14 ground hogs. The old salesman let the Buckeye get those less than 200 yards away while he took the long shots. Roy ended up with 8 while Paul only had 6. The old salesman said he did miss one that was running at 700 yards. He allowed that Two Guns could probably learn something from Paul the Buckeye on basic hunting skills.

Steve, Mary, Greg & Michael Newton of Kissimmee, Florida & C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. have been playing horseshoes down in the Sunshine State. C. Romeo reportedly does all right, scoring a ringer now & then. Michael got a ringer on .C. Romeo's ankle once, obviously a rather memorable occasion.

Those who remember the fiasco of the bankruptcy of Golden Crude, a local buyer of crude oil will no doubt be interested to learn that the principals of that operation, Barry Haught and Ernest Sleeth recently pled guilty in Florida to a Medicare & Medicaid scam that cost the taxpayers over $14 million. The plea bargain allowed other family members not to be charged in the scheme.

Fritzina is visiting on the Richardsonville road for the week.

Donna Sue's red chariot is back on the road again.

Ellie May and Jethro Bodine took Uncle Jed out to the Koffee Kup in Grantsville for dinner on Father's Day. Jed and Jethro reportedly ate so much that they both shouldn't be hungry again until at least the middle of the week. Ellie May was mindful of her slender figger, thus was better able to curtail her appetite a little more so than the men folks.

Sadie Jane has become a quite expert escape artist these days. The canine Houdini has undone every collar that has been applied to her by slipping it over her head. Stronger measures are no doubt in store for the rabbit/'coon dog.

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