Story and Photo by Drew Moody
For the Hur Herald

"Tartuffe" is a 17th Century French play with quite contemporary themes, particularly when considering the current state of American culture and politics.

Thankfully, it's creator, Molière, set the stage in a full-blown comedic context, interlaced with seriousness.

It plays perfectly to 21st Century audiences with deceit, manipulation, lust, wealth, religious hypocrisy, cleavage, and family in-fighting being front and center stage.

The two act play takes place in the home of Orgon and Elmire, and their children. GSC professor Gary Morris is Orgon; Whitney Stalnaker plays his wife, Elmire.

Elmire, played by Whitney Stalnaker, is shocked when
the oh-so-pious holy man, Tartuffe, played by Jace Parker,
runs his hand up her leg. Tartuffe claimed he just wanted
to feel the material of the skirt, but took his time.

Orgon's mother, comes to visit and immediately stirs up trouble, and the family takes in Tartuffe (Jace Parker) who they believe to be a pious servant of God...who turns out to be a charlatan.

Orgon, blind to the character flaws of their guest, decides his daughter Mariane (Brittany Ferfuson) is going to marry Tartuffe, except she's already in love with another man.

Of the characters, a servant girl, Dorine, (played magnificently by Samantha Wolford), seems to have her wits about her more than anyone.

The play is a romp through the genius insight of a 17th century playwrite, with themes that haven't changed despite the passing of almost 350 years.

The play's three-day run begins tonight on the Glenville State College administration building stage. Curtain time is 7 p.m. Admission to this PG-rated production, directed by Dennis Wemm, is free for all students. Non-Student entry is $3.

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