By Alvin Engelke

Burt Marks is doing so well that he is back to driving his chariot.

Snow & cold weather finally made their arrival in the Creston area. Someone had great difficulty going up the Blankenship hill. The Wirt road crew completely skunked the Calhoun crew on W. Va. 5 Saturday morning. While the local area had been having balmy weather Europe has had extreme cold and folks there are poking fun at the golbal warming hoax folks at the Univ. of East Anglia now calling it the Univ. of Easy Angling [for global warming/climate change money].

Travelers going to Spencer report that there are still some of the black vultures over in that neighborhood. Hopefully someone will 'resolve' the problem.

The Big Eared One's attack on coal had a local causalty with the shutting down of the old Willow Island power plant "to save the world". Meantimes the State Tax Department is increasing coal values even though one cannot obtain mining permits or permission to burn it. The tax commissioner, likely on orders from Earl Ray personally ['lower taxes you know'] said coal in Braxton County is worth, for tax purposes $2,000/acre. In another county there were 2,500 people who protested tax increases and only time slots for 250 of the affected citizens.

It was reported that the friendly folks from the IRS have been investigating local farmers to determine if they are "hobby farmers". Folks should be very careful in what one says and does as there are targets on American taxpayers.

Some folks have been fishing down at the point where the branches of the Little Kanawha join. Over in the Elk River one fellow landed a four foot muskie.

Oil & gas meeting is 9 A. M. on Saturday February 25 at the high school auditorium in Elizabeth. Those who have leasing questions, etc. and who may have interest in forming a group to get better money, terms and royalties should attend. Jim Lydon is in charge.

Alvin Charles Tanner, age 80, passed away. A native of Burning Springs he was the son of Hobe & Cora Tanner.

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

A number of local residents have been on the sick list.

Charles Russell was dining with Euell Russell & Ray Gumm at Miletree. Apprently there was a fire there the other evening.

When one is out and about one of the main topics is the leasing and drilling activity throughout the state. While some say that "the good stuff is to the north" that causes one to wonder why oil and gas companies are paying attorneys to abstrct lands in Greenbrier & Monroe Counties? On the map we studied, when in school, they are situate in southern West Virginia without a doubt.

On the national level, which impacts Creston too, the Big Eared One went after religious freedom with the proposed implementation of Obamacare. While the initial object to the order is the Catholic Church the basis is an attack on anything that comes before the citizens bowing the the government first & foremost just like one was to worship ceasar. The so called pullback is an obvious sham being hyped by media shills.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude is $97.22 with Appalachian light sweet, the liquid that comes from the Marcellus wells and otherwise known as Mountain High Test fetches $83.45/bbl.

Jewell Boice's daughter has been looking for pictures of her father or her grandfather Thomas Boice who lived in Creston and formerly worked on the Creston ferry.

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