It got so warm in Creston Friday night that the amphibians were out. The snow all went away and some of the mud firmed up. White Pine oil man and county commissioner David E. Barr noted that it had been several years since the mud where the cattle were eating had been so deep. The Commissioner was in Creston hauling hay.

Eula M. Sinnett, age 90, passed away in Grantsville. Her parents were Wilson and Virginia Stutler Arthur, former Crestonites. She had many local relatives.

Rolly Hopkins passed away in Parkersburg. He was the last member of the Tom Alec Hopkins family who lived just down the river below Creston. Tom Alec was noted as the fellow who had the crew that rounded up all the logs that escaped the boom and went down river unrafted.

Joe Webb had a "multicultural experience" in Parkersburg whist undergoing supervisor training. First, he went to a Chinese diner and didnt feast on the mollusks, etc. The next day he went to a popular steak emporium and had, wouldnt you know, a friendly oriental waitress, who obviously aware of the prior days events made sure his meal was a success.

Basil Brown & the Brown family, Jack & Leveda Wright, Larry Dorsey, The Jesus Fans, the Glory Bound Singers, Red Scott and the birthday girl, 84 year old Ethel Rader, who sung 4 songs for a night of fine music at the newly reopened Creston church, last Saturday night. Everyone is welcome for Sunday School and preaching. For particulars call 275-3190.

Rev. Chuck Furbee filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. He is on the mend after a "vacation" in a Parkersburg hospital that was started as a result of his stepping on an ice skate on the steps in his home. While he recovers, and perhaps afterwards, Rev. Bob Stanley will preach two Sundays each month at Burning Springs as well as two Sundays at Bell Chapel at Munday.

Bob Allman from Mason Dixon Energy was attending to business in Creston.

Nancy Hall underwent a bone scan the other day. She thought they were going to just check her knee that is giving her problems.

The comely Sarah Morgan announced that she now has a "large rock". Some would say that Scott Limer picked up a boulder from the lower West Fork but well informed sources indicated that the DOH engineer invested in a circular metallic item with a modified carbon insert.

Asiatic beetles (government lady bugs) continue to be a topic of discussion. One woman reported that the odor from them caused her an allergic reaction. She hoped that there was some way to kill them and rid her home of the vermin. Local residents have gotten used to being dive bombed while they eat and read and are no longer surprised to find them under the covers (at least they arent bed bugs) and dont get too upset when one falls into water glasses but the other afternoon one lady decided to bake an angel food cake. All went well until supper time when the cake was sliced and served for dessert. There was a baked bug in the cake which might be where the saying "That takes the cake" comes from. Apparently some of the critters had moved into the oven (again) and fell in the batter.

The price of Penn Grade crude fell to $27.25/bbl and the contract price for January gas was just under $11/dekatherm. Local residents received higher than normal gas bills even though the recent acquisitions by Allegheny were to have kept rates frozen for a time. Significant increases (40%) are, however, on the way.

It was learned that Columbia Natural Resources drilled in their Trenton-Black River well on Flat Run near Linden early Sunday morning. They have started drilling the first part of the hole on the Hensley lease on Canoe.

Neil Rudder who operates as Ramco was attending to business in the area. It was reported that he represented GeoStar, a Canadian concern that wanted deep well locations in the area. Mr. Pegulas East Resources, who bought the old Pennzoil leases, made 3 locations (apparently for Devonian shale wells) at Brohard. It was reported that William Gates is bankrolling the Pegula operation. Perhaps the most interest was stirred last week when 4 swarthy men in white vehicles toured the heart of the deep well area in Roane County. One local resident thought the visitors were from Puerto Rico but a well placed source down near the mouth of Elk River noted that four were from Arabia.

Commodities trader Marc Rich continues to be in the news as the amount of money that changed hands relative to his obtaining a pardon for oil related crimes, etc.

Closer to home there is talk again that some in the Legislature want to apply another tax to chewing tobacco and snuff. W. Va. has a long tradition as a tobacco growing state and local residents are among the leaders in the nation in chawing and spittin which, apparently, isnt politically correct. One might allow that such would go hand in hand with legalizing the slot machines owned by "mystery men" so some folks can get big raises even though many scholars cant read and mediocrity would be rewarded.

The warm weather and thaw has caused a number to be done on local roads. A Roane County timberman destroyed some new road work on Rowels Run and the black top up Toms Run (on the road from Creston to Spencer) had to be patched with stone. Since W. Va. has no frost law, those who desire can tear up roads to their hearts content and let responsible taxpayers fix them up again. Quite often the damage is done by out of state operators who pay not a penny of any kind of tax in West Virginia. One fellow bragged, "I dont even stop to buy a Twinkie in W. Va!"

Some local folks have been out thinning the rabbits. They make fine eating.

A large group of concerned citizens from various backgrounds and organizations attended the regular meeting of the Wirt County Commission. The central topic of discussion was the impending financial crunch that will be upon the county entity at the start of the coming fiscal year, July 1, 2001, as a result of county consolidation forces as manifested through the regional jail plan. Various thoughts were tossed around & the group welcomed the attendance of Sen. Donna Boley who participated in the discussion as ways were sought to find a solution. It was determined that an audience would be requested with the governor & he along with some of the state legislators would be apprised of the situation with the states smallest counties and the negative effects that the regional jails are imposing on them. Different possible scenarios and possible courses of action were discussed at the commission meeting. At some time after the meeting, one of the commissioners was looking into the potential for mining activities. The proposed meeting with the governor is reported to be scheduled for Feb. 22.

Debbie Griffin and Dixie were among those calling on Linda & Irene Lynch.

Cooter Marks has been experiencing technical difficulties with his Shovrolet chariot. It blew a head gasket. He and sons J. P. and R. P. tried out their tents at Camp Kotooga this weekend.

Capn Spock was among those calling on Ernie & Lorene Cumbridge of the Mayberry sector. Whilst at Larrys tonsorial parlour the Capn learned that long time well known Wirt Countian Von Young celebrated his 83rd birthday on Saturday.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will hold its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, February 20 starting at 7 P. M. at the highway garage in Elizabeth. Plans to visit with the Legislature and attend the Taste of W. Va. reception will be discussed.

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