Grantsville Mayor Curtis Garretson was granted permission by the town's council to re-visit the possible disposition of "the pit," one of the town's biggest eyesores, but described by former councilman Gaylen Duskey as its' most valuable piece of real estate.

During a council meeting last week, Mayor Garretson asked whether the property "should be sold, traded, auctioned or kept for the town."

The council instructed the mayor to obtain a previous survey of the property, or follow a plan to establish the value of the property.

The property has long been the object of deals which have become mired in contentious disputes, legal actions, or lack of decision, including a decision by the town in 2010 against the purchase of the property by Calhoun Banks for a new multi-purpose banking facility.

The bank spent several thousand dollars evaluating the property, which has numerous complicated issues regarding its purchase.

Former mayor Gary Knight, according to the Calhoun Chronicle, said that the goal at that time was to bring in new business, not move existing businesses to a new location.

Calhoun Banks gave up on a two-year effort to purchase the property for a new bank and drive-thru.

The bank had done an extensive feasibility study on the property, including core drilling, and examining a number of problems that hovers over the site, but the offer was rejected by the former mayor and council.

The 111 year old banking institution has about 47 employees, 23 at the main branch in Grantsville, in addition to part-time help.

Bennett said the Grantsville banking services are in multiple locations, and needs to be built for convenient customer service with parking. He said an acre of ground is needed.

The town hall complex was demolished after it was declared unsafe for use in 2006.

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The Chronicle reported that Mayor Garretson said, "He wants it to be a long process, so citizens will have an opportunity to make their opinions known to the council."

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