By Alvin Engelke

Several area residents including this local correspondent have been under the weather.

Bert Marks, the local 'coon hunter, underwent surgery and is reported to be doing well.

One local fellow went 'coon hunting the other evening but instead of taking "Old Blue" and the 22, he used his wife's automobile. The insurance adjuster & the wife were not amused.

Owl Hill resident Roy Copen was the speaker at the Creston Community Building Veteran's Day celebration.

The Creston neighborhood watch did a litter pickup recently along W. Va. 5 and the only significant item was a large bunch of nursing textbooks that had been thrown out and ruined. It was estimated that the books were worth at least $1,000. The cleanup crew was then well fed at the Jerry Poling residence.

Chestnut Run residents Bill & Kathryn McFee & Annamoriah residents Dean & Sue Miller were among those who attended the W. Va. Farm Bureau annual convention at Flatwoods. Congressman David McKinley and Marcellus shale expert Nils Nichols were among the speakers at the meeting.

Charles Russell was consulting with Dr. Suresh and received an excellent report. Also, the home health nurse made a six months visit to check on the healing from his burn last winter.

Carl & Donna Sue Ferrell were attending to business in Mingo County.

Naomi Merrill, age 93, passed away. She was the mother of Gene & Glen Merrill and the late Grey Merrill.

Rev.John Gibson, age 92 of Mineral Wells, passed away. He was a son of Luke A. & Katie Gibson of Chestnut Run.

Raymond Pepper, age 83 of Anderson, South Carolina, passed away. He was born at Munday the son of Fred H. & Jeannette Louise dePue Pepper.

The Little Elf, a/k/a Sen Brooks McCabe, failed in his effort to take over as W. Va. Senate president. McCabe wants to consolidate and establish regional government. He is 'famous' for using his power and influence for personal enrichment as evidenced by the state park near Roanoke (a public/private project) that had to be bailed out not so long back by the taxpayers. The would be biggies down at the Mouth of the Elk were lined up the other morning to kiss Kessler's ring.

The PC thing is to be tolerant of diversity and encourage such. The mess at Penn State is a prime example of how all that plays out when a bunch of perverts abuse young boys and the powers that be cover it up for decades to protect the "heroes". Of course the little boys were sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

The local area continues to have balmy fall weather with butterflies, dandelions and such. Al Gore, Jr. notwithstanding, it is generally understood that pleasant open falls are good things.

The Old Furniture salesman was calling on folks in the Creston area. He claimed to be looking for places to erect Obama signs.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude dropped to $96.69/bbl.

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