There are still some left-over CB radio enthusiasts from the heyday of CB'ing in the 1960s and 1970s.

The 3rd annual CB Coffee Break was held at the Amma Community Center Saturday with a dinner, and music provided by Banjo Man, Joe Nichols and others.

The regional meeting was held to bring those who monitor CB radios, especially Channel 15, and enjoy meeting each other.

Attending, Blue Bonnet, Hillbilly, Skunk Chaser, Viking, Banjo, Possum Chaser, Ham Bone, Shorty, Fall Guy, Wounded Knee, Low Pockets, Joker, and Lady Bug.

Also Little John, Huggy Bear, Dull Knife, Li'll Bug, Duck, Daisy, Naked Nigger, Blue Eyes, Hawk Eye, Garbage Gut, Red Fox, Big T, Sheep Dip, Bear Cat, Pebbles, Big Al, Debbie, Imogene Runnion, Eddie Rhodes, Bill Pension, Aaron Elswick, Ricky Paul Hawkins, Sonny Harris, Bud Smith and Jim Cooper.

A list was read in memory of those who have passed on and a candle was lit.

Remembering Bird Dog, Fox Chaser, Tadpole, Waterbug, Top Cat, Robin Hood, Sugar Camp, Jessie James, Moonshiner, Olive Oil, Polyester, Dog Man, Red Beard, W.C., Teaspoon, Gray Ghost, Skinner, Pill Popper and Brush Cutter.

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