By Alvin Engelke

Justin Whited and a young damsel narrowly escaped death when their chariot didn't make the turn from the Munday road onto W. Va. 5, early the other morning. Rescue equipment had to be used.

Euell Russell was consulting with his physician. Euell also returned from a train trip with the Calhoun Senior Citizens.

Patty dePue is scheduled to have open heart surgery. She has had her share of health problems.

Joe Cunningham's luck continues. He borrowed his father's pickum me up truck to move some of Mindy's plunder to her new residence in Hedgesville but along about Bruceton Mills the radiator sprung a leak. There was a slight delay in the travel and Roger Patterson was called for his assistance which, finally, wasn't needed.

Old Lizzard failed the BIG TEST. For information consult Jeff McFee.

A number of mystery oil tanks have appeared on the dePue straight. Some years ago the location was used to move "hot stuff".

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Nutter who live on Creston Heights had a surprise visitor. Seems "Old Brer Bar" decided that the Nutters were friendly folks who had a nice garbage can. The bruin even tried to haul the can lid away. Several photographs were taken and when he came back the second time he even acted like he was used to folks talking to him and came within five feet of Jack. It was understood that some of the "MacDonalds bears" were removed recently from Charleston.

For many years now the DNR has caught "problem or garbage can bears" elsewhere in the state and turned the loose in the Creston area. One time the DNR denied the report locally but they got caught in their fib for the exact same week they bragged in the Moorefield paper about removing the "problem bear" to the western part of the state". Such blatant "whoppers" make it clear that one must be very careful when listening to a bureaucrat.

Lanny Meadows reported that the folks who cleaned up the P. G. Marks place did a fine job. Local residents thought that Lanny had ordered the job done but the folks who took the old trailers just did a little extra. Lanny reported that he kept on top of things locally by reading the Creston news on the world wide web.

Brian Tanner, a spokesman for Columbia Natural Resources, stated that the Dink unit well, located south of Big Otter in Clay County came in a boomer with the fire lighting the leaves on the trees. It was learned that the well came in at 40 million although they still intend to drill on down to the Wells Creek formation. It was noted that the pressure on the Clay County well was only 5,000 lb.

More wells are scheduled to be drilled on Little Spring Creek in Roane County as well as in the southern section of the county.

North Coast Energy announced that they plan to drill two wells near Pee Wee in Wirt County. They said they had leased the large farm at the mouth of Sommerville Fork and intend to lease a strip from Pee Wee about two miles wide to the river.

Becky McDonald was visiting Jeff McFee. She is the mother of Adam McDonald who was caught "watering the grass" at the Creston Community Building some time ago. It was reported that Becky likes the country but that she snores really loud.

Matthew Shimer was hauling a load of pallets Saturday.

A certain lad was having some really weird dreams about the editor's wife. Must have been because he was talking to her upon moving back to the area after being gone for some time. He can't for the life of him figure out why he would dream about mopeds.

The folks at the Creston church got the parking lot fixed which was a great improvement.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. recently purchased a new (to him) galaxy class starship ('77 Ford Pickup Truck) from Richard Duskey. He has been drafted in to the Starfleet & commissioned to the rank of Cap'n. No doubt little Dalton will serve as Cap'n Drippy's First Officer.

The other evening a fellow was setting out at the jobsite pulling a double since the other guy had to consult his physician and things were slow with nothing to do so he called up his loving wife and asked if she would come over so they could go to the nearest town to have supper together. He felt really bad when she turned him down -- said she would eat at home.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wilson & family (including the comely Samantha), Calhoun County Assessor Jason Nettles and a couple of comely associates, Mary Griffin Newton and Cap'n & Mrs. Spock were among those dining at the Spencer Pizza Hut on Friday.

The honeymooners returned from Cancun. She said she must have misunderstood that south of the border thing. The southern border, she thought, was the county line between Stinson and Nebo and she remembered going to Ivydale once and didn't remember having to show papers to get through. Finally she realized she was in Mexico which is "way south of the border".

Several folks have been fishing.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins returned from their sojourn in the British Isles. She returned to her summer employment at Fairmont State College while Keith accepted employment at Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Dorothy Graham has been doing a little better. She made it out to the auction Saturday evening.

Uncle Pete Bush passed away quietly at St. Joseph's Hospital May 23 with his wife of 60 years, Aunt Verda, brother in law Ralph Griffin & some nieces & nephews at his bedside. He began teaching in the one room schools of Calhoun County about '36 or '37, retiring as principal at Arnoldsburg in 1972. He worked in the shipyards of Baltimore for about a year in 1942, didn't like it there & returned to Sunny Cal in a country boy's pursuit of Happiness - fishing, 'coon hunting, farming & family life. He dabbled in the Christmas tree business for many years, planting around 8,000 the year he retired. Every year at Christmas time when Santa Claus delivered presents to the nieces & nephews, Uncle Pete could not be found. Shortly after the jolly of elf left Uncle Pete would reappear, having tended to some chore. He was an active member of the Calhoun County Commission on Aging and was one of the founders of the Molasses Festival. He is sadly missed by many relatives and friends.

Uncle Bill Chambers fell down the steps at Bush residence the morning of the funeral and was transported by EMS personnel to Roane General Hospital. He was then transferred to Marietta Memorial for repair of a broken hip.

Jim Bush's corn is up. Rodney Lynch shot one of the crows that was eating the germinating corn and hung him up as a warning to the rest of the flock.

Happenings on the world scene continue to be worrisome for Creston residents as the world is now small and problems "spread around". Seems some of the Hindoos and Pakistanis are Hades bent on doing significant population control on each other. Seems the Communist Chinese are encouraging the Pakies. One fellow noted that his daughter will soon be in Afghanistan which is close enough to get fallout from the mushroom cloud.

Juanita Bell has been on the sick list suffering from pneumonia fever.

Alvin Engelke was attending to business on Stinson was fed some mighty fine pickled corn.

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