Kathleen H. Taylor

It's like Christmas in Beason again! The DOH came to work on our road again. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Hopefully, we will have a safer winter.

I would like to address the subject of small town columns. Little community articles do not change the lives or reputations of others. A person does that by their own actions and reactions to things. This column is written by me containing my thoughts from my perspective. You don't' have to agree with it nor do you have to like it. You are also not obligated to read it. So, with that being said, if you are suffering from a form of "emotional distress" take it up with the publisher. The publisher can and will edit anything he feels is inappropriate or disrespectful. This isn't a tabloid; it is a respectable community publication.

Ritchie County High School Band traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the Atlantic Coast Championships on October 29-30. It was a great event and we were so honored to be a part of it. It was the first trip to the ACC's for the band director and the kids. So, it was a very meaningful experience for all. The kids placed 21st among 30 bands from 9 states. We would like to thank those that supported the kids along the way. All those community members who came together and helped them out when they needed it the most, we congratulate you also. You all helped create a memory that will be with those kids forever. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Ritchie County Rebels close out the season on Friday night. The night's events will also include senior night. So, please give those seniors involved in football, band and cheerleaders a round of applause for all their efforts. It has been a special time in their lives that they will always remember.

The Creed Collins Elementary School had their school parties on Friday afternoon. As far as I could tell, everything appeared to go pretty smoothly. I think we all appreciate things a little more when things actually go as planned.

We took Avery trick or treating on the 31st in Parkersburg. We kind of make it a "big night" every year. We all go out to dinner after trick or treat and have some good family time. "Family time" is hard to come by sometimes with a hectic schedule. But, you have to make time. Kids take the time you spent with them and remember it when they are spending time with their own children.

In closing, I would like to share the following quote," I think some of the best reporters are the ones who can really illustrate the differences between societies, at the same time trying to connect the fact that there are a lot of shared values in addition to those differences."... John Pomfret

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