The Calhoun County Board of Education voted unanimously Monday to give the old Wayne Underwood Field to the Calhoun Commission, provided the county agreed to guarantee the complex would have continued recreational use.

Both the Commission and the Town of Grantsville submitted proposals for the field. The Board said they had a third option, to sell the property.

Grantsville's Mayor Gary Knight addressed the school board, stating Commissioners McCallister and Weaver told him at last months meeting the commission would no longer be in contention for the field.

Commissioner McCallister denied making any such agreement, but did state the parties decided a joint venture was not acceptable. McCallister said "We told him (Knight) we wished him well if the Board decided on giving the property to the town," and shook hands on it.

Mayor Knight said Grantsville would do a much better job maintaining the complex, and Pool Manager Dave Trippett presented a plan for its use and development.

Commission President Larry McCallister said he did not want to create a controversy over the property.

Several board members said they felt a county body should have the field, further guaranteeing public use for all county residents.

Mayor Knight suggested to the Board their decision should "go beyond whether it is a county entity. There should be another basis for the decision."

Board President Rick Fitzwater said he felt county residents would have more input with the Commission regarding its continued use.

McCallister said he had contacted the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council regarding State Transportation Grants to further develop the area, including a walking and bike trail.

Knight said he was prepared to hire a worker to take care of the complex.

McCallister said the complex would be placed under the Parks and Recreation Board for maintenance and development, stating a large mower would be moved to the site. "We will ask for a lot of public help for the project," he said.

The school board said they would meet with the Commission to complete the details and clear questions regarding the transfer of the property.

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