A peaceful Heritage Village before Moccasin Rangers ride in ...

... to frighten those attending Legends and Lore at Calhoun Park

Louisa Hays, wife of Peregrine Hays (Terry Harris) welcomes tour group

The Calhoun Historical Society again presents the widely popular "Legends and Lore" on October 20th (Sat.) at 2 and 5 p.m. and October 21 (Sun.) at 2 p.m., a dramatic interpretation of a Calhoun village in disarray during the Civil War, featuring old fashioned storytelling and period costume characters. A donation of $4 is requested to attend. For questions or planning of group tours call 304-354-7263.

By Bob Weaver/Photographs From 2011 Production

It is a step back 150 years at the Calhoun Historical Society production "Legends and Lore" at the Calhoun Park.

The walking tour drama features members of the society portraying historical figures of 1861, the war deeply dividing families in the county, all dealing with separation and hardships with an uncertain future.

Most able-bodied men were away with the armies, but some stayed with regional bands of guerrilla fighters, with blood being spilled along the primitive roads and in every community.

Society members did more than an admirable job recreating the time, with horsemen and their rifles firing guns invading the village, causing those attending to take cover.

Renegade Nancy Hart (Casey Hill) explains her bad behavior during war (left); Amy Sexton Silcott (Amy Nicholas) welcomes visitors to village

Shadrach Badgett (Bob Bonar) recalls tales (left);
Rev. James Tiddle (Keith Smith) prays for his neighbors

Til Stevens (Sandra Stevens Marshall) is school
marm; Thomas Figgins and Aisley Jarvis (Roger
and Linda Jarvis) tells woe of storekeeper

The newly founded Calhoun government had been disbanded, ceasing virtually all official functions from marriage certificates, schools, and record keeping to law enforcement,courts, and mail service.

All property and personal belongings were at the disposal of current occupiers.

Cast of Legend and Lore characters answer questions

Moccasin Rangers ride into village

It would be difficult to fathom the frustration and pain suffered by Calhoun citizens.

Characters from the time gave visitors a small taste of the terrible war in which somewhere between 600,000 and 700,000 people died, but factoring in the wounded, the total casualty number rises to around 1,030,000.

There were more than 50,000 casualties during the course of the battle at Gettysburg and during the Battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia, nearly 7,000 men died in a span of 20 minutes.

The lingering effects of the war fell upon Calhoun County, even holding forth to present day.

Census takers refused to acknowledge the presence of some Confederate families.

Myrtle Stemple (Susie Barnes) welcomes visitors to Stemple cabin

Til Stevens (Sandra Stevens Marshall) talks about one room schools

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