Supt. Ron Blankenship says, This is a night to recognize our students"

The Academic Awards Program was an evening of salutations, recognition's, awards and scholarships. Calhoun School's superintendent Ron Blankenship welcomed the students, parents and officials to the annual affair at Calhoun Middle/High School.

Teachers and school officials had the honor of delivering the recognition.

Principal Mike Offutt and Supt. Ron Blankenship, "do the honors"

Promise Scholarships - David Albaugh, Ashlea Bush, Nikki Church, Tiffany Conley, Evan Cunningham, Amanda Frederick, Erika Harold, Darris Hupp, Suzanne Lynch, Bliss Masiarczyk, Danielle McBride, Megan McKinstry, Sonja McKown, Derek Metz, Misty Perkins, Erin Smith, Christopher Wade, Dustin Wagoner, Natalie White and Shane Yeager.

Rocking Horse Pleasure Association Scholarship - Suzanne Lynch; Sheaves For Christ Scholarship - Danielle McBride; HSTA - Shaina Cain, Darris Hupp and Tiffany Jones; Drexel Ice Scholarship - Danielle McBride; Lion's Club Scholarship - ElIzabeth Harris.

McKelvey Foundation Scholarships - Bronze: Megan McKinstry, Travis Tanner, Angie Tawney, Dustin Wagoner; Silver: David Albaugh; Gold: Tiffany Jones, Shane Yeager.

Mildred Jarvis Scholarship - Jessica Hall, Kristina Jarvis; Minnie Hamilton Scholarship - Suzanne Lynch; Golden Horseshoes - Tommy Gerwig, Caitlin Weaver; Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center Scholarships - Travis Tanner, Natalie White; Cunningham-Wilson Scholarships - Misty Perkins, Dustin Wagoner; Davis and Elkins Scholarship - Sarah Gherke; Envirothon Scholarship - Keith Carpenter; FBLA Scholarships - Tiffany Conley, Amanda Frederick.

Math Team (Grades 10-12) - James Bailey, Mathew Bonar, Shaina Cain, Keith Carpenter, Cheslie Hupp, Darris Hupp, Tiffany Jones, Megan McKinstry, Barbara Shock, Erica Smith, Erin Smith, Deborah White, Patrick Wildfire, Shane Yeager.

High Honor Graduates - David Albaugh, Ashlea Bush, Shaina Cain, Nikki Church, Evan Cunningham, Melanie Davis, Amanda Frederick, Erika Harold, Darris Hupp, Tiffany Jones, Danielle McBride, Sonja McKown, Misty Perkins, Jennifer Siers, Erin Smith, Dustin Wagoner, Natalie White, Shane Yeager.

Honor Graduates - Clayton Barnhart, Maryellen Bell, Elizabeth Cunningham, Sarah Gherke, Bliss Masiarczyk, Megan McKinstry, Jessia Sampson, Travis Tanner, Christopher Wade.

Character Education Essay - Grade 3: 1st place - Janina Schatz, Arnoldsburg; 2nd place - Brooklynn Talley, Pleasant Hill; 3rd place - Kyle Fobare, Pleasant Hill. Grade 4: 1st place - Zach Moore; 2nd place - Kayla Boggs; 3rd place - Eli Dye; all of Pleasant Hill. Grade 5: 1st place - Chris Mace, Calhoun Middle; 2nd place - Abagale McCumbers, Calhoun Middle; 3rd place - Jessica Cosgrove, home schooled. Grade 10: 1st place - Samantha Parsons; 2nd place - Tim Miller; Grade 11: 1st place - Rachelle McBride; Grade 12: 1st place - Bliss Masiarczyk.

Writing Assessment - Jessica Cosgrove, home schooled; Boys State - James Bailey; Governor's Honor Academy - James Bailey, Mathew Bonar, Jessica Gherke; Governor's School of the Arts - Caena Stewart; HOBY - Tiffany Hall; Know Your State Government Day - Mathew Bonar, Jessica Gherke, Sarah Lynch, Deva Murphy, Laura Pfeffer; Rhododendron Girls State - Sarah Lynch, Laura Pfeffer.

Young Writers - Grades 1-2: 1st place - Katelyn Bunch, Pleasant Hill; 2nd place - Barrett Evans, Arnoldsburg; 3rd place - Brittiney Miller, Pleasant Hill; Grades 3-4: 1st place - Cai Clothier, Arnoldsburg; 2nd place - Justin Gerwig, Pleasant Hill; 3rd place - Ashley Houchin, Arnoldsburg; Grades 5-6: 1st place - Emily Thomas; 2nd place - Briana Blankenship, 3rd place - Hayli McKinstry, all of Calhoun Middle; Grades 7-8: 1st place - Tiffany Tanner; 2nd place - Jessica Heiney; 3rd place - Seth Jarvis, all of Calhoun Middle; Grades 9-10: 1st place - Kelly Metz; Grades 11-12: 1st place - Laura Pfeffer; 2nd place, Jake Krack; 3rd place - Rachelle McBride.

S.C.O.R.E.S. - Shaina Cain; National Tech Prep Student Registry - David Albaugh; Top of the Mountain Awards - Shaina Cain, Tiffany Conley, Darris Hupp, Megan McKinstry, Shane Yeager; West Virginia All-State Choir - Nikki Church.

County Spelling Bee Winners - 1st place, Cierra Yoak; 2nd place, Chrissy Lovine; 3rd place, Kayla Hixon; Regional Spelling Bee - Cierra Yoak.

1st place Spelling Bee Winners - Nichole Parsons, Amie Carilli, Chrissy Lovine, Andrea Hardway; 2nd place Spelling Bee Winners - Ashley Conley, Briana Blankenship, Lauren Myers, Cierra Yoak; 3rd place Spelling Bee Winners - Dana Thomas, Kayla Hixon, Tiffany Davis, Christi White.

Army Reserve National Scholar Athletic Awards - Evan Cunningham, Natalie White; Army College Fund Awards - Jessica Sampson, Joseph Starcher; Robert C. Byrd Scholarship Recognition Award - Darris Hupp; Calhoun Banks Scholarship - Megan McKinstry; CHS Alumni Scholarship - Elizabeth Cunningham.

Mathematics: 1st place winners - Whitley Church, Amie Carilli, David Lee, Adrienne Brown, Cynthia Wildfire; 2nd place winners - Kayla Eller, Hayli McKinstry, Hanna Law; Mitch Cunningham, Eli Walker; 3rd place winners, Arla Lane, Melissa Jarvis, Darrel Kisner, Joshua Hanshaw, Andrew Prusak; Math Fair, Brian Morgan and Christopher Lane.

Georgetown Trustee Scholarship - Shaina Cain; FCCLA Service Award - Erica Cottrell; GSC College Scholarships - Nikki Church, Shannon Jones, Angie Tawney; B. F. Goodrich Scholarships - Elizabeth Cunningham, Adeanna Davis, Charles Gibson, James Moneypenny, Jennifer Siers; Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation W. P. Black Scholarship - Sonja McKown; Danny and Luke Hickman Memorial Scholarship - to be announced.

Robert H. Mollohan Educational Assistance Awards - David Albaugh, Erika Harold, Kristina Jarvis, Sonja McKown; National Merit Scholarship Finalist - Darris Hupp; Pleasant Hill CEO Scholarships - Erika harold; Michael Perry Scholarship - Natalie White; Bernice Pickens Parsons Scholarship - Shannon Jones; Andrew Stemple Scholarship - Misty Perkins; Trader's Bank Scholarship - Jennifer Shock; UM Church Scholarship - to be announced; West Virginia Wesleyan Scholarships - Tiffany Conley, Erika Harold, Tiffany Jones, Megan McKinstry; WVASCOE Scholarship - Erika Harold; Albert Yanni Scholarship - Natalie White.

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