By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area participated in the earthquake that jolted the entire eastern part of the nation. Euell Russell was undergoing cataract surgery in a facility Down at the Mouth of the Elk and was none the worse for wear. Local folks who have relatives in Virginia near the center of the quake report that some older buildings there are damaged beyond repair and, of course, the famous Washington Monument was damaged.

Local residents watched on the tee vee the overhyped hurricane that went up along the east coast. While major damage happened along the North Carolina coast (where some politicos have fancy government insured villas) the main damage elsewhere seemed to be flooding. The local area received some rain from some weather pattern. Local utility workers were mobilized to work in the impacted areas and on Saturday dozens of bucket trucks were heading down I-77.

Charles Russell & W. Harrison Schenerlein IV attended the Methodist church picnic at North Bend State Park. After the services, which included Holy Communion, and the meal Harrison went on an adventure and watched three river otters catching and eating fish in the Hughes River.

Many young fellows, including some from the Creston area, always dreamed of being able to own a Gibson guitar. Many were surprised when Eric Holder's U. S. Justice Department raided two Gibson factories on the specious claim that the famous musical instruments were made of illegal wood. This happened even though all of Gibson's wood is purchased from vendors who provide paperwork to prove that it is all legal. Apparently this was done to take the heat off Holder and his big eared boss over the sale of thousands of weapons to Mexican dope dealers and central American terrorists.

Someone hit and broke a telephone pole on Ann's Run.

The Wirt road crew was working on area roadways.

Daniel's Run resident and former oil field worker Cray Duelley, age 81, passed away after an extended illness. He was the father of Debbie Griffin who is the wife of Cap'n Spock.

Evalene Yoak Reed, 58, of Lancaster Ohio passed away. She was a daughter of Otha Yoak and the late Dessel Haney Hardman. She was a sister of Linda Stutler and was a granddaughter of Asa and Florence Haney who formerly lived at the head of Little Creek and after whom the Asa Haney hill is named.

While the New York attorney general is investigating the "hype" of Chesapeake and other companies on the promotion of their shale ventures an interesting event happened involving various federal agencies. Seems the folks from the U. S. Dept. of Energy came up with the number of 410 trillion cubic feet of Marcellus reserves. Then the U. S. Geological Survey said they believed the actual number was only 84 trillion cubic feet. If nothing else this should show that, for the feds to save money, cut the debt and raise the "credit score", the entire Dept. of Energy could be abolished and life would go on. Of course all those who are getting big bucks for "green energy" would be up the creek but as someone said, "Better them than the entire nation because of them and other scams & frauds."

Windmill blades have been going up and down the interstates.

Because of weather related problems in different parts of the nation there is some question about the size of the corn & soya bean crops. One would hope that cool heads would prevail and that grain and food shortages will not occur because of "some mandate to make ethanol and biodiesel for cars to save the world from Al Gore's 'global warming' hoax". It was noted that some unlucky fellows over in Ohio were raided because they were making ethanol but the government men said that was moonshine.

W. Harrison Schenerlein IV & Charles Russell attended the Honey Festival at the Parkersburg City Park and watched the "Bee Man" make the famous 'bee beard'. While there Harrison talked with Betty Bower and Ann McFee who were also taking in the festival. Betty noted that she was a faithful reader of the Creston news.

The U. S. Post Office was recently given as an example of government efficiency even though they are bankrupt. The mentally challenged individuals who run that outfit plan to close more local offices "to cut costs". Those who have had dealings with the "mid level managers" who have offices in Clarksburg, Beckley, etc. are in agreement that no successful business could survive having employees like those and being government biggies they obviously cannot be fired and their pensions cannot be taken away from them. In short the outlook is gloomy at best. One of them noted that local postal facilities had "no customers". He explained that to the federal employees, the customers were the big mailers who counted and the "patrons" were secondary, at best.

Anna Yates who had been spending time with her new niece Rea Schenerlein returned to her home in Virginia.

The price paid for local natural gas was $4.09 and the price of local Pennsylvania grade crude is $80.50 while the price of North Sea crude is still over $100. Of course the local crude is paraffin based which is the best of crude.

Those calling on Charles Russell & Fritzena included W. Harrison Schenerlein IV who watched some Tom & Jerry movies with Charles.

One local fellow noted that he had a relative that was in the exercise that used the recent hurricane for a practice run on the evacuation of the "important people" from Washington Dee Cee to West Virginia. Dept. of Highways people in other parts of the state are also said to be involved in moving and protecting the Washington ruling class should something bad happen there.

The EPA up in Ohio has noted that with horizontal well sites that have multiple well heads should be covered under "air permits".

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