By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. There will be no services next week as there will be a charge picnic next week at North Bend State Park. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Calhoun road crew has been doing berm work on W. Va. 5 while the Wirt crew has been working down in Straight Creek.

Knotts Brothers has been doing some right-of-way mowing for Cabot in the area.

Charles Russell and W. Harrison Schenerlein IV had dinner with Euell Russell & Ray Gum at Miletree in Spencer. Euell is scheduled for cataract surgery on Tuesday.

The Creston area had some rain causing the tree frogs (toads) to sing and the West Fork to get milky.

Cap'n Spock & Chuckles Richter were attending to business in the Cairo sector. Chuckles was having technical difficulties with his Jeep chariot.

C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. & Lois Marks were visiting relatives in Louisville Kentucky & Jeffersonville Indiana.

Rea Schenerlein, along with her mother, her Aunt Anna & Nancy Engelke attended market at Atlanta. Rea met with Sherri Hill, Tony Bowles & Jonathan Kayne from Project Runway. Rea also went backstage and met with the models at the photoshoots for the new dresses, gowns, etc. Clothing has gone up 12 1/2% because of, primarily, the devaluation by the Big Eared One of the US dollar.

Chuck Exline fetched out a fine bunch of poplar logs from the former T. R. Boggs farm on Ground Hog and then took out some walnut timber. Now a number of immature poplar logs are piled up along the road.

One of Heartwood Fund's people was in the area and found that someone had put a new lock on one of their gates blocking them out. He noted that the price of both logs and pulpwood had recently tanked and no sales were scheduled for a time.

Charles Russell was consulting with his podiatrist. Also visiting Dr. Bicak was Joan Parsons.

"Cooter" Marks lost a wheel from his chariot in the Burning Springs area and then his son J. P. lost a ball joint in Spencer.

Steve Newton, husband of the former Mary Griffin, is undergoing the diagnostic testing for pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, etc.

W. Harrison Schenerlein IV attended Sen. Donna Boley's picnic at her family's camp at Friendly. Harrison had earlier attended the Parkersburg homecoming parade and met with gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney. Maloney was very instrumental in rescuing the copper miners that were trapped 2100' underground in a mine in Chile. Also at the picnic was Mike Teets who will be running for Commissioner of Agriculture in 2012.

Local residents are reminded that farm use valuations must be filed by the end of August otherwise the land is classified as being development land for condos, strip malls, shopping centers, etc.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. of Owl Hill was calling on C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. C. Romeo's mother-in-law was reported to have been on the puny list.

The New York attorney general is said to be investigating Range Resources, Goodrich Petroleum, Cabot O & G & Chesapeake to see if they are defrauding investors wilth their Marcellus shale activities.

Not so long back Antero, a Colorado based outfit, purchased some Marcellus acreage from Dominion for $3,000/acre and 7 1/2 % override. Dominion then sold out to Consolidation Coal Company (CNX) Antero is now trying to acquire leases in Wirt County for from $25 - $100/acre with only a 1/8th royalty (compared to the 20% they are paying elsewhere in the state). Consolidation recently sold 50% of their Marcellus interests to Noble Energy for $3.4 billion. The sale covered an interest in 663.350 acres and some Marcellus wells. This calculates out to $7,100/acre. Consolidation Coal has leases at Creston and elsewhere in the area.

It was reported that Virco (Viking International Resources Company) took out the rig from their well in Ritchie County.

Chesapeake announced that they had 24 rigs running in West Virginia and 7 in Pennsylvania. The company is pushing for automobiles and helicopters to be converted over to CNG (compressed natural gas).

Ergon's big catfish fry is scheduled for September 7 at their terminal above Marietta. One should all Judy at 800-278-3364 to RSVP. The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude fell another $5.25/bbl reflecting the general turmoil in the marketplace which has impacted the stock market and other commodities. Some say that the events in Libya will cause the price to drop more.

Some of the wise ones have been suggesting that the federal government become involved in the fracturing of oil and gas wells. No doubt that would put a monkey wrench in the works.

In the interest of "stimulating the economy and providing employment, the federal government recently sent $500 million to India to develop green jobs. The poster child green job company in America recently went bankrupt after receiving much loot from the taxpayers [that was borrowed from China & other third world countries].

Cap'n Spock did some work on the piano at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. It seems that a family of church mice had taken up residence which, of course, caused some problems.

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