By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. There will be no services at Burning Springs on Sunday July 17 as there will be a parish picnic and group service at Sportsman's Park in Elizabeth. Folks should round up the children & grandchildren and be at the park in Elizabeth at 10 A. M. for worship, fellowship and food. Bring your favorite goodies to share.

The Creston ATV poker run is scheduled for Saturday, July 30. What had been reported earlier was in error -- the Creston News writer got all fouled up.

Raymon Keith Hall, age 75, son of "Bung" and Marjorie Hall passed away. Some years back he was injured in a four wheeler accident. He was, for many years, the face of George Grow's Burning Springs oil and gas operations. Burial will be at the Beatty graveyard.

Mildred Kirby, age 85, passed away at the Miletree Center in Spencer where she had been for a few months. A resident of Chestnut Run back next to the Ruble Church, she was known for her quilting expertise. She was survived by her daughter Carol and two grandchildren.

Austin Westfall, Brandon Ferrell, W. Harrison Schenerlein IV and several other Crestonites attended the big community fair at Brooksville hosted by the Baptist church there. The younger set had big times riding in the end loader and the lift bucket, among other things. Harrison was especially enthralled with the old antique engines and the oldies car show. Musical entertainment included Johnny Staats and Rex Greenlief.

Mary (Jenny) Belt has been having problems with her legs but, at least, she can see clearly now after having a lens implant.

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Tucker fetched up their motor home and Betty Bish's grandchildren & great grandchildren had a big time over the Fourth of July weekend at their camp at Creston. The younger set checked out the new playground equipment and then spent the rest of the time on the merry-go-round.

There is a big timber job out in the Sixteen Bend. Their 'dozer man flatbladed the state road out to the job & then parked blocking the roadway.

Tyson Taylor the spokesperson for the Berkeley California folks who want to store CO2 (carbon dioxide) under the land owned by Heartwood Fund in Wirt, Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties explained some of the details of their plan (scheme). Claiming that CO2 causes "global warming" or what is now called "climate change" coal fired power plants will be required to collect the gas and pump it at 2,000 lb pressure 60 miles from Mason County to Wirt County where it will be injected into the Oriskany formation which Taylor claimed to be lacking hydrocarbons.

He also said that there was no Marcellus worth drilling and thus the Oriskany could be used to store CO2 and, according to him, this right belonged to the surface owners since this is defined as "pore space" and wasn't reserved. It should be noted that Heartwood Fund leased 18,000 acres of surface to the California venture. Presently the company is trying to get adjacent landowners to go along and it was noted that if folks didn't cooperate, the company would have the legislature adopt "forced pooling" and make folks participate, like it or not.

While Taylor claimed the CO2 would just flow into the Oriskany there will be compressors to keep the pressure up. There remain many unanswered questions and one should proceed with great caution and care. It was not determined how much all this would raise electricity rates but, for sure, the cost will escalate. The entire proposed project would cost multiplied millions with about 20 injection wells (one per square mile).

The Legislature will have interems Tuesday evening at 6 P. M. at Room 208, Senate Judiciary and then on Wednesday concerning the "Marcellus Bill". Bill Anderson & Woody Anderson are the two local members of the "study committee". Acting governor Earl Ray is planning a special session to take care of his promises to out of state interests who have, of course, the best interests of the citizens of West Virginia, their financial and environmental futures, etc.

Those who follow Second Amendment battles felt vindicated when the federal governments Mexican gun running operation funded by the "Stimulus Bill" was exposed and now reaches to the highest level. It seems that the acting director of ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) chose not to fall on the sword to take the heat off the others but, instead, sung like a bird. Others doing research from public speeches, etc. found that AG Holder obviously knew as he talked about the great plan. Madame Hillary said that lax gun laws in America was why guns (Chinese made AK-47s) were so plentiful in Mexico.

Those who have been out and about note that there are lots of twin fawns this year. Also the bears (the ones the nice folks from DNR turned loose) have been busy eating blackberries and tearing up folks bee gums.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil fell $2.50/bbl to $91.25.

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