By Alvin Engelke

The big Creston Community Building fun day will be Saturday, June 11, all day long at the community building. There will be goodies to eat & fun and games for children of all ages (that means up through one's 80s). In addition there will be a flea market for those looking for those special items and any bargains.

The Creston Community Building business meeting was moved from Tuesday evening to Thursday evening, June 9 at 7 P. M. at the building because of Margaret Lynch's visitation. All those who want to help with the fun day should come to the meeting.

Margaret Lynch, wife of Ira Lynch, Sr. passed away at the city hospital in Parkersburg. The daughter of the late Gladson & Eleanor Grim, she had fallen and broken her leg and was scheduled for surgery before having a heart attack. Burial is to be in the dePue cemetery at Creston.

Sanoma dairyman Bruce Bell, Jr., age 89, passed away in a Parkersburg rest home. He was a veteran of World War II where he served with the late Victor Kirby and his farm was the location of the gas well fire that required that the world famous Red Adair to come to West Virginia to stop the conflagration. Burial is to be beside his wife Juanita in the Guthrie cemetery.

Kaylee Starcher, age 3 months & 18 days of Lynn Camp, passed away. Her paternal grandfather was the late Sherm Wise.

The bridge crew has been burning the timber that they tore up and put into piles. They also shot off the hillside on the Annamoriah side exposing the coal seam. Being "environmentally green" it seems that the coal was mixed into the rest of the hillside debris.

A number of area residents took in the Wood Festival in Grantsville while others participated in the Relay for Life event at Camp Barbe.

With the cessation of the rain (except for Saturday night) there has been quite a lot of hay put up.

Don & Donnie Hursell were spending some time at the ancestral Boggs home down in Beaver Dam. His son Jeremy graduated from high school.

Acting governor Earl Ray spent Memorial Day at Sea Side near Myrtle Beach. Someone suggested he & the family were decorating relatives' graves in the area.

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church and served Holy Communion.

Some folks with local connections were attending to business at court in Grantsville while other local residents have been called to attend court in Elizabeth.

The Wirt road crew mowed roads in the Creston area.

A large crowd was on hand at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Randy Miller on the occasion of their daughter Emma's high school graduation. The home schooler is scheduled to begin nursing classes at WVU-P this summer.

Charles Russell was calling on his brother Euell and attending to business in Spencer.

Dr. Heather Murray Elkins brought a group of divinity students to Wirt County to broaden their outlook & experience. Included in their activities was a stop at the Oil & Gas park at Burning Springs as well as the Kanawha Hotel in Elizabeth.

The Gast family was camping at their place in the Rose Hill graveyard situate on the ridge at the head of Beaver Dam.

The Big Eared One went off to the Old Sod & Merry Old England with an entourage of 500 including 4 speech writers, 6 doctors, 35 vehicles, the White House chef & his staff as well as 12 teleprompters. One might say that such is how one makes impressions. In the meantime the new jobs added last month were just under 60,000 nationwide with half of them at Macdonalds. Those who follow the Big Eared One might check out Harrison J. Bounel on the world wide web.

The Sierra Club will be holding a Marcellus seminar at W. Va. Wesleyan College June 18 & 19th with the program starting at 10 A. M. on Saturday. The training is said to be helpful for a special legislative session this summer to pass a Marcellus bill that has the blessing of Earl Ray & the big boys.

Jackson, Kelly, Holt & O'Farrell, the big law firm, is holding a Marcellus shale meeting on June 21, starting at 9 A. M. at the Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown with acting gov. Earl Ray being the lead off speaker.

The company that has been drilling Marcellus wells on the Dominion (Mother Hope) leases has, apparently, a policy of not starting royalty payments until a year after the well is turned into the line. At that time the well should have been paid out. The firm is reported to be going to drill some Marcellus wells in Calhoun County. When one local owner asked for the same terms that were given Mother Hope ($3,000/acre & 7 1/2 % ORR) they said 'no'. It would seem that W. Va. folks just don't rate with out of state Rockefeller corporations.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil fell $2.75/bbl to $95.

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