By Alvin Engelke

Nancy Hall is home after undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She has been very sick.

Melissa Ferrell was obliged to obtain medical treatment after the onion slicer fell on her at Wendy's and hit her nose. Tests determined that it was not broken but could work as a stand in for Rudolph.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins are visiting school friends in Watford, England. On Saturday they journeyed to London to attend a Riverdance concert. Anna stated that it was "awesome, at some points it was impossible to believe that the dancers feet could possibly be moving that fast. It was all danced to traditional folk musicÂ…the likes of which one hears at Glenville during folk festival time". On Monday they will fly to Edinburgh, Scotland and on Tuesday to Ireland where they will visit with Stephanie Tomlinson who has been attending school in Belfast. The three of them will then tour Ireland visiting Kinlay, Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, the Blarney Castle, Blarney stone etc.

Jane Engelke graduated from West Virginia University Parkersburg with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration. She is employed by Special Analytical Services Inc in Parkersburg as Marketing Director, a position she has held for two years. Here future plans include working toward a Masters Degree in Communication.

Jane interviewed this past weekend in Chicago for the position of host on E! TV's show Wild On, which is a travel show that apparently is shot on locations all over the world.

Jim Bush plowed up a big field for corn on the S. R. Lynch farm on Ann's Run. If the rain ever lets up he can plant it so the deer (and hopefully he) can have a good crop. The locust trees are covered with bloom which is the old sign for a good corn year.

Some area gourmets have been feasting on the deep fried locust blossoms.

It was generally considered a good thing that the Wirt operating levy passed. Now the big boys in Charleston will have to come up with another scheme to eradicate the pesky "small counties". Things are getting complex down at the Mouth of Elk River. Apparently the Clogger's plan to name himself to replace the Old Fiddler has made Gaston mad and his people are busy doing all they can to make the Clogger look bad so that when Gaston runs against him for the senate seat he will prevail. Others who claim that they speak for W. Va. Republicans say that the GOP should back the Manchin gubernatorial move. It is understood that several in the highway hierarchy are on this team.

Linda Boatwright, who lives at the mouth of Big Rowell, won the Excellence in Nursing award for CNAs at Roane General Hospital. The award was given during National Nurses Week.

It was reported that there was an electrical malfunction at Hastings Station and all local natural gas that goes into the Dominion (formerly Mother Hope's) system is closed in.

Nancy and Alvin Engelke returned from visiting Nancy's parents in Florida. Her parents are doing well, especially for being in their 90s. The trip down and back was very educational. While political hacks here talk about minimum wage, new social programs and "help", it seems that the rest of the nation marches on. It is amazing to note the amount of capital investment and wealth that is obvious elsewhere in America. There were help wanted signs lots of places and one county even had up a sign asking for school bus drivers.

While Creston has had more rain lately than in the past few, it is dry elsewhere. There had been lots of fires in Florida and the corn in South Carolina was rolled up.

On the way back they drove part of the Blue Ridge Parkway and then stopped at Pipestem for the DOH maintenance seminar. The Great Pifu, Chuckie Poo, Danny Boy, the Little Puppy and others were there too and Chuckie claimed that they did not go to the big card game that was said to have enriched some from a southern county.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude is now $24.50. Drilling has picked up pace with two dozen wells scheduled by Columbia (NISOURCE) in southern Roane County. Another firm has started work on a 75 well program south of the Elk River in Clay County.

The Columbia/Nitro Energy joint venture Trenton/Black River well on Canoe in Roane County reportedly has been tested and has 6600 lb pressure with only 1.5 million. It was said that now a soundproof facility will be constructed around the well for super secret tests. If the Black River is determined not to be good enough, then the well may be drilled on down to the Beekmantown.

It was reported that Martin Twist moved in on location for another deep well in southern Jackson County although it was noted that problems were encountered.

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