It was an exciting entertainment celebration, brought to the community by the young and the older this weekend - Follies 2002. Master of Ceremonies Matthew Bonar introduced nearly thirty acts or selections, all bringing cheers from the audience at the Calhoun Middle/High School auditorium. Lots of people came out to enjoy the event.

The kids were outstanding, dancin' and singin' old and newer tunes, not to forget laughable moments of comic relief. The adult Calhoun Choral Reflections, a group brought together in the past four months, was tuned and professional, all the way. What a group! Hopefully they'll stick together and continue to perform in the community.

It was director and musician Harry Beall who found himself enjoying the hard work of his cast, associates and crew. "Words cannot explain how great this has been for me," he said. Beall performed excellently with several different groups, including a male quartet that sang "Darktown Strutters Ball." He took time out to dedicate a song to Joe Wilt, founder of the original follies.

Follies 2002 is a resurrection of "The Follies," a long-standing tradition at Calhoun High. Beall says, with community support, "We'll keep it going for years to come."

Some of the folks who made important contributions to the production were, Choir Director Faye Chambers; choreography, Casey Harris; Jo Moellendick, art director; Jim Sullivan, sound; Ryan Bremar, lighting and administrative assistant, Trina Bell.

Beall expressed appreciation to the youth. "You are my focus, my heart, my attitude and my passion," he said.

He also expressed thanks to the Board of Education, the Calhoun High School administration, the Lights On! program, Donnie Price and Tony Russell for their assistance, Friends of the Follies, the art department, the parents of the community "for entrusting me with their children," Faye Chambers for her musical excellence, passion and sense of humor, and Trina, "who makes it all happen in my life and behind the scenes." Appreciation was expressed to the advertisers, for helping with the event.

Members of Follies 2002 "Through The Years" Cast and Crew: Alecia Alcaraz, Kelly Badgett, James Bailey, Zach Bailey, Chasity Bell, Briana Blankenship, Kelly Brown, Jeff Buck, Holly Burch, Brandi Burrows, Shaina Cain, Stephanie Cason, Brittany Church, Nikki Church, Gina Davisson, David Dodd, Michael Fitzwater, Miranda Fletcher, Brandon Fox, Kari Frame, Tiffany Godfrey, Terra Holbert, Stacy Hoskins, Darris Hupp, Whitney Johnson, Shannon Jones, Nicole Kelley, Sarah Lynch, Vicki Lamont, Kellie McKinstry, Megan McKinstry, Brian Morgan, Holly Moss, Caitlyn Prusack, Samantha Parsons, Laura Pfeffer, Alica Richards, Matt Richards, Eva Richards, Beth Richards, Derek Roberts, Brandon Sampson, Barbara Shock, Jeanette Starcher, Susan Sullivan, Micahel Sullivan, Tiffany Swisher, Travis Tanner, Angie Tawney, Emily Thomas, Dustin Wagoner, Heather Weaver, William Weaver, Christi White, Debby White and Shane Yeager.

Members of Follies 2002 - Calhoun Choral Reflections:

Merwin Belcher, Kelly Bell, Jackie Blankenship, Nancy Bremar, Andy Bremar, Crystal Brewer, Gina Cano-, Jane Carpenter, Kevin Church, Virginia Buck, Kim Church, Pam Davis, Carlene Frederick, Pam Gainer, Pam Godfrey, Leonard Hardway, Terry Harris, Cheryl Jarvis, Tammie Jones, Clyde Knotts, Barbara Lay, Don McCartney, Ann McCartney, Chris McKown, Cindy Morgan, Susan Pitts, Sharon Pitts, Norma Randell-Myers, Bethanie Shock, Kathy Smith, Anne Smith, Jeff Smith, Susan Sullivan, Jim Sullivan, Paige Toney, Calvin Wilson and Gina Yancey.

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