By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. The old sign on the church came down during one of the spring storms and now a new one has been ordered.

Nathan Belt is scheduled to undergo surgery. His grandmother is home after a visit to the hospital and is now doing much better.

Henry Curt Parsons, age 76, of Industry passed away after a battle with lung cancer. The old timberman was buried in the family cemetery on Crummies Creek.

Several area residents got their gardens worked and planted. Of course those who feel that they are "entitled" to be kept by others will continue to use food stamps.

The recent example of the fellow who won $2 million in the lottery and is still having his food provided by the working people of America shows the absurdity of the situation and the urgent need to make changes.

Joe Taylor was attending to business over near the Devil's Tea Table.

The workers from Orders & Haynes are busy working to apparently install the temporary bridge at the mouth of Annamoriah Creek on W. Va. 5. When they took out the trees they did not save the saw logs, pulp wood and fire wood but, instead tore up all the trees and put them into piles obviously to be burned with diesel fuel & gasoline. Apparently this is the "new green technology" that all the politicians are talking about. Of course, waste not, want not is "way out of style" and much too old to be of importance.

A little bit of hay has been cut but most fields are far too wet for equipment.

Ali Khan, a spokesman for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) said Americans should prepare for a flesh eating Zombie Apocalypse. While other government types talk of prosperity that is at hand (or at least near -- after the next election, etc.) the CDC said one should have on hand water, medicine and food for a few weeks "in case of emergency". Those who have less faith in the federales also state that, if all falls apart such as the riots that the folks in Wisconsin proposed, one should likewise be prepared.

Sarah Middleton and the comely Andrea were both calling on Charles Russell recently. Charles was dining with his brother Euell at Miletree on Sunday.

The Big Eared One in a public speech came out against Isreal, joining Iran, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida, Fatah, Hamas, The Methodist Church (check their website), the UN, Hezbollah, etc. Chapter 23 of Exodus might give some reason for concern as do other passages in The Book. In Old Testament times the entire nation was punished for the bad deeds of their leaders which makes all of this all the more frightening.

The Little Elf, otherwise known as State Senator Brooks McCabe was in Parkersburg promoting "metro government". He has long been a proponent of regional government with the abolition of "old fashioned" counties. The Little Elf is famous for using his position for personal enrichment, especially in concert with other politicians. Not so long back the taxpayers had to bail out his Stonewall Jackson Dam resort.

It was reported that the coyotes have been eating calves up on Yellow Creek. The DNR bears that were brought into the area by the "game managers" are also in the area. Many of the bruins are "problem bears" that were trapped and removed from the Charleston area because they raided garbage cans, etc.

Some more fine veneer logs were pulled out to the road on the former T. R. Boggs land on Ground Hog, Sunday.

The USDA's multiflora rose is now in full bloom showing just how far and extensive are the results of federal government programs to "help people". The government roses, like autumn olive, have become invasive pests crowding out native vegetation. Also in full bloom are blackberries and peonies.

The new playground equipment at the Creston Community Building was put together by a group of willing workers on Thursday.

Area residents have been circulating petitions asking the telephone company to make DSL available to local residents, since, apparently they have promised that the service will be here "soon".

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude fell to $93/bbl. It was reported that George Soros had sold some gold or, at least, some gold stocks causing the price of the metal to fall. It was understood that the currency manipulator and political kingmaker has 11 tons of the precious metal. Gold had been $1500/oz so, do the math.

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