Metz has been creating taxidermy for 20 years

By Bob Weaver

"I always wanted to do taxidermy, watching my dad for many years," said taxidermist Eric Metz. Metz has been professionally doing taxidermy for over 20 years, and has located his new shop on Big Root Road in Sunny Cal.

"The artistry is in the detail, particularly around the eyes, noses and mouth, in addition to anatomical accuracy," he said.

"These fanned turkey feathers are in great demand for wall hangings."

Metz comes from a long line of hunters and sportsmen. "We like to spend most of our extra time in the woods. It has always been that way," he said.

My business is bringing people's trophies to life," Metz said. "This is something I really enjoy doing. Here in the county, we understand people's finances and work at doing a good job for a reasonable price."

Our deer heads are usually $200, flying pheasant $80 and fish from $4 to $5 per inch.

"This year we have a special deal for students and their parents whi want deer heads mounted," said Metz.

Detail lends to the artistry of each piece

Metz was working on a coyote and a bear, but he will do just about every animal from a snake to squirrel. He had done a porcupine. "I did get some of those quills in my hands," he said.

You may contact Eric Metz at 304-354-6781 or write him at Route 1, Box 22C, Big Bend WV 26136.

Metz is located up Big Root Road in the historic Hosey house, about three miles from Route 5.

Metz and his family are "extreme" outdoors men

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