By Janet Siers

I was so happy when Larry Cottrell called me to let me know that my aunt Juanita would be at the senior citizens center in Minnora Friday morning. Glen Siers and I drove down to see her. Juanita looks pretty and she seems to be doing alright still living alone and will turn 90 in November. She says that the Lord has taken good care of her but she just can't understand why she's still here. It was so good to see her and Heather and I are planning on going to visit her the next time I get to Nettie. Thanks to Larry for this wonderful reunion.

Friday morning I was getting the temperature right for my shower and when I pulled back the shower curtain there was a bat in the water. It was swimming around the tub in that rather warm water. I didn't know what I was going to do.

I thought I would put a couple of Walmart bags on one hand and pick it up but then I thought that bats have sharp teeth. I got a strainer with a handle and mother's milk strainer from the kitchen. I scooped the bat out of the water and put a strainer lid on him and tossed it out the door and it flew away unharmed. That was an exciting way to start the day.

Ben, Heather, and the girls paid me a surprise visit Friday evening when they pulled up to the house. They spent the night and most of Saturday with me. Blaine King stopped by Saturday afternoon and was happy that they were here. Ben and Heather's friend Dave was with them. Ben, Dave, and Heather worked on mowing and weed eating my yard. I fixed a good supper and we all had a great time.

Heather and I visited with Glen Siers Saturday afternoon. He was planting a weeping cherry tree he had got for his daughter-in-law Vicky. Heather liked Glen's house with the tall ceilings. We looked at his pictures of which he has a lot to look at. Some great old pictures from the past.

We looked at his license plates collection he has in the garage. He has plates from every state in the union and some from other countries.

Jeanie, my friend was talking about her childhood friend Shawna Williams, who lives in Florida she would like to hear from her. Get in touch Shawna.

Well I'm like everyone else around here in wanting it to stop raining. Garden isn't plowed, but there's is plenty of time.

Everyone have a wonderful week!

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