By Janet Siers

Oh what an episode this past week. My friend Will was here at the time and he said, "your dog has a small deer." I didn't think much of it at the time and a few days later Bear (my dog) had it right outside my window and it turned out to be a dead dog. I had to deal with this problem and no reason to call anyone else to help, it was my problem. I got the wheelbarrow and newspaper and had plastic on my hand. I knew I had to get it before it warmed up. Everything was fine until I picked it up and the smell of death took over. I gagged around the corner of the house, went in the house and put a full size towel around my nose and tied it in the back. It worked, and I disposed of the carcass.

Glen Siers had company over the last week-end. Jerry, his son who lives in Northfield, Ohio met his son Jeremy and his wife Terri and their children, Brayden and Caleb from Virginia. Jeremy is a park ranger in the Blueridge Parkway. His wife Terri is a veterinarian. They had a wonderful visit. Glen had plenty of good food and Jerry and Allen played guitar and the ladies Terri and Vickey sang along. It was a good reunion and company left on Sunday

. Glen Siers and I rode to Spencer Monday morning early to meet a nice man and we purchased a riding lawn mower in the Walmart parking lot because this man and his wife drove from Ripley to deliver. We shopped for a few things, stopped in Arnoldsburg for gas and came home. Glen mowed a good part of the lawn. He said it was a good mower. It was a great day.

Blaine King stopped by he brought a movie so we had coffee and a movie.

Everyone have a wonderful week!

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