David Walker (D-Clay)
House of Delegates
WV Legislature-District 33

In our final week at the Legislature, we have passed many important pieces of legislation.

Working its way through legislation in these final days is Senate Joint Resolution 10, which would allow sheriffs to serve more than two consecutive terms in office. We are currently conferring on this resolution, and I will report back on its outcome following the end of session.

Among those bills that have completed legislation and have been sent to the desk of the governor is Senate Bill 612. This bill will exempt certain schools and school districts from certain statutory provisions.

Part of the bill also allows that persons over the age of 21 will be able to enroll in "iRead" free of charge. This is a wonderful program for my Clay County constituents because, upon completion, enrollees will receive a high school diploma.

Additionally, awaiting the governor's signature is House Bill 3145, which will provide a one-time bonus of $600 to certain annuitants of the Public Employees Retirement System and the State Teachers Retirement System. Those who serve our public well deserve an incentive for the hard work put into their job everyday.

Senate Bill 592 will require that all K-12 schools have a crisis response plan in place. We must provide a safe environment for our students and, should that environment be jeopardized, we must provide a plan of action to ensure their safety.

Senate Bill 349 will require a bittering agent to be placed in certain engine coolants and antifreezes to prevent the personal injury or death of human beings and animals. The sweet smell of such products as anti-freeze is too tempting to our young children and animals and we must prevent unnecessary harm from taking place.

The final piece of completed legislation that I would like to address is House Bill 2971. This bill will make a technical correction in order to the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. This bill also includes a reduction in the sales tax on food from three percent to two percent. Hopefully this change will help those in need in these trying economic times.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comment that you feel need addressed. You can reach me by calling 304-340-3135, by e-mailing dwalker@mail.wvnet.edu or writing to my office address: Room 210W, Building 1, State Capitol Complex Charleston, W.Va. 25305.

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