Submitted by Tammey Webb

On January 25, 2002, Calhoun Middle School Title 1 teachers Linda Edwards and Tammey Webb received a $1,000 Family Involvement Grant from The Education Alliance. The award-winning grant proposal was entitled "Help Me, Help You: Learning Month-to-Month With My Child". The focus of the grant was on the concept of getting out into the local community, interacting with parents, and making them aware of parent/child programs within the school.

The Family Involvement Grant criteria are based on the national standards for Family Involvement programs. The following is the criteria for this grant: communication between home and school, promoting parenting skills, families play an integral role in student learning, encouragement of volunteering at school, and using outside community resources.

Activities that have already been funded by the grant are "Read from the Heart" day held on February 14, 2002. Eight parent volunteers read to students in grades 5-8 and students participating received books to take home. Books were also given to parent volunteers for their time. A workshop on February 28, 2002, "Raising Responsible Kids" was presented by the Parent/Educator Resource Center, who contributed very much in the planning and implementation of the grant. Thirteen parents participated. On March 15, 2002, the Title 1 sponsored "Help Me, Help You" activity day. Fourteen parents and students participated together in activities prepared for them in a school setting. All materials, books, handouts and extras were all funded by the grant.

On April 16, 2002 the Parent/Educator Resource Center presented a workshop "Parent Training: How to Develop Good Behavior" and on May 23, 2002, a Parent Volunteer Luncheon will be held to acknowledge parents that have volunteered during this school year. These events are also funded by the grant.

The grant funding also provides a way to communicate with parents through newsletters/mailings and home visits. WVRC radio was used for communicating with parents concerning "Read from the Heart" day, at no cost to us.

Those participating in the grant writing and implementation were CMS Title 1 teachers, Parent/Educator Resource Center and the Family Resource Network.

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