By Alvin Engelke

Nancy Hall was consulting with her physician concerning lung problems.

Carl Lynch, age 92, of the Mayberry section passed away. He was the father of Ira J. Lynch. Many remember him as the friendly court house janitor in Elizabeth.

Suellen Calebaugh, Wirt County Clerk, and Robert Lowe, Wirt County Commissioner, were both attending to business in Creston Saturday evening. County commission candidates Roy Copen and Bob Phillips were also in the community searching for votes.

Paul "Uncle Pete" Bush is on the sick list.

Melissa Offutt won the West Virginia beef ambassador contest at Jackson's Mill on April 12. She will go to Orlando, Florida in November for the national competition.

Debbie Murphy has been having key problems lately. Awhile back she locked the car keys in the truck. That was when it was discovered that the back seat was bolted in so someone had to first get tools. Then she locked the keys in the house and so it goes.

The Great Pifu and the Canada Fishermen were up at the Burnsville dam slaying the "small game fish" when the Canada Fisherman got hold of the Pifu's secret lure and quickly caught two large trophy walleyes, the biggest catch of the day.

Ray Cunningham has been on the sick list. Those visiting Ray & Hallie included daughters Sonja and Shelia and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cunningham.

Roy Copen did some electrical work where Faye Church & Robbie Corrigan live so that they would not get fried in a electrical fire.

Keysha Church made a perfect score on the state capital test and she placed second in the spelling bee. She was visiting grandma in Creston over the weekend.

Two Guns reported that he killed "just an average turkey" when he went out to thin the gobblers although he did allow that "it had a beard like a horse's tail". A well placed source said Two Guns' turkey was so large that it had to be field dressed - and dressed out at about 41 lb. It was not certain if he was hunting on Lower Big Run but some thought that he had bagged someone's emu. The Wirt kill was down 49% while the Calhoun harvest was down 43%.

The tent caterpillars are busy eating fruit trees and the USDA's multiflora rose and autumn olive are growing well. First cutting hay, except where it was washed down by floods, should be good, especially where the fields were fertilized. Jacques Frost was calling in some locations over the weekend but damage seemed to be minimal.

Jerry Malona was attending to business in Creston one day last week.

Local residents are urged to get to the polls Tuesday and vote. Those away at school and traveling have been voting absentee with Wirt County showing a higher than normal, at this point, vote activity.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ferrell cleaned up their yard. Donna Sue is still having red chariot problems.

April Ferrell was attending to business in Creston over the weekend.

Amy N. Ferrell spent the weekend with a school friend.

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