By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. He, Beanie Veon and Juanita Bell provided special music for the service.

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, May 4, starting at 6:30 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Proceeds will go to maintain the community center. As usual it will be a fun time with visiting, bargain hunting, yummy things to eat, etc.

Debbie Griffin & Dixie were calling on Linda & Irene Lynch and Lady.

The Creston area received some hard rain and wind over the weekend and Sunday afternoon the water blocked off the road going from Creston to Ann's Run and Spencer. Travelers had to detour via the Boice Hill and Ground Hog to get to Roane County. Some of the road crew got to spend a significant part of the day working on trees, etc. Those who hadn't been out on CR 9/1 for a while couldn't believe the huge clearcut at the head of Pete's Run. That one is in addition to the ones on Beaver Dam, Lost Run, Spring Creek, etc.

While Alvin Engelke was out on high water details, Nancy cut herself with a knife so she had to call Donna Sue to come to the rescue with her well known medical prowess to administer first aid (saving a trip to the emergency room for stitches).

Meade Westvaco Corp. had a helicopter spraying land on Katy's Run over the weekend. They spray and kill the hardwoods with herbicides so that Mexican laborers can plant pine seedlings to grow pulpwood. To hear some tell it that herbicide "is good for people and things". Maybe this is what some call economic development.

Nancy & Jane Engelke attended the Ripley 4th of July pageant Saturday evening in Ripley. Jennifer Baiyless was visiting royalty and gave a short invitation to the Wirt County Fair to those in attendance and Melissa Offutt was one of the 40 contestants and did an outstanding job and thus made Wirt County look good. Of course she has Creston roots.

Josemite Sam Dawson & C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. were attending to business at the Burning Springs Space Dock. C. Romeo assumed command of the mighty Starship Enterprise (drove the ol' blue Ford) briefly under the supervision of Cap'n Spock to tow a (temporarily) disabled starship to the appropriate parking place since neither of them were big or bad enuf' to do it. Sam reported that he now has an air compressor with which to work on his proposed homebuilt aeroplane project someday.

Donna Sue Ferrell and Nancy Engelke joined Minnie Hamilton's fitness program. For a small fee one can use all the exercise equipment in the physical therapy room for as many hours as one likes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One local lass decided to visit the tanning bed for the first time while visiting relatives in Parkersburg. She toasted a little too long and scorched the skin over the gluteus maximus muscles. She now has problems assuming what would customarily be a common posture for daytime office work.

Johnny Bell was attending to business in Creston one day last week.

Donna Chambers, Lynn Cockerham & Robert Wilson of Jeffersonville, Indiana, Eloise Wayne of Louisville, Kentucky, Glenn & Rodgie Griffin, Susan & Billy Sands of Manchester, Ohio Ding Altizer of Millstone, Lois Marks, Debbie & J. B. Griffin were among those calling on Uncle Pete & Aunt Verda this week.

There was no new word this week on what Dominion found when they had Paragon and their Mexican braceros do the seismic work up on the West Fork. Dominion is part of the Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust and, of course, they work toward economic development for the area. That is why they brought in Mexican nationals to do the work as, apparently, everyone locally is gainfully employed (aren't they).

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