The Calhoun Commission officially designated the Little Kanawha Area Development Corporation the lead economic development agency for Calhoun last night during a special meeting. The development corporation is a joint economic venture between Calhoun and Wirt County.

The two-county project allows more money to be accessed for economic development.

Commission President Larry McCallister said "We are hoping to use the new agency to stay on top of any opportunities which might come our way.

The Commission completed the budget process this month and approved the levy. McCallister said "While things are tight, the county is staying above water," which is described as no small feat. "Some people and some services have suffered, but we are in the black."

The Regional Jail bill is near its lowest amount in several years at $67,951.25, and the Commission continues to reduce the amount each month. With numerous mandates coming from Charleston, the financial picture can quickly change.

The Commission continued the process to obtain a $15,000 Governor's Partnership Grant for the Pleasant Hill Public Service District, which is currently in severe financial distress. The grant will do repairs and upgrades on lines along Routes 16, 7 and 5. The Pleasant Hill Public Service water district has applied for a rate increase, attempting to comply with higher water rates from its supplier, the Town of Grantsville.

Mark Hewitt, a Physician's Assistant at Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, was appointed to the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC).

The agenda for the Commission's May 6 meeting is shaping up, including concerns about cutting summer jobs for Calhoun kids by an agency contracted by the Workforce Investment Board. Commission member Bob Weaver and County Clerk Richard Kirby will be meeting with the agency to try and correct the cuts, which are based on the creation of a year-round program for kids. "The agency has dropped the ball on this in our county," said Kirby.

The May 6 meeting will review problems with Budget Digest grants, with funds year to be released to county projects from last year.

A letter of intent is being sent to the Calhoun County Board of Education regarding the county taking over the old Calhoun High School athletic field and facilities for continued public use.

Numerous other items are expected to be on the May agenda, including final election concerns.

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