Molasses Festival Country Store - Crafters interested in selling items such as quilts, baskets, purses, aprons, honey, apple butter, soap, wood toys, or furniture, please bring your items to the Molasses Festival Country Store, where items will be taken-in September 22nd from 2 to 7 p.m. There is 10% commission on sold items. Unsold items must be picked up between 6 and 7 p.m. Saturday September 25th. Amish Molasses will be for sale from Amish Country in Ohio.

The exhibit list for the 43nd annual W.Va. Molasses Festival, September 23-25, has been announced.

Exhibits must be brought to the West Fork Park, Arnoldsburg, on Wednesday, September 22nd, between 2 and 7 p.m. Judging will be done on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Exhibits must be left on display until 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 25. Only items shown on official exhibit list will be accepted for judging. All others will be for display only. Quilts must be left until 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 26.


Department 1. Section A Field Crops Classes: 1. Apples, 2. Beans, 3. Cabbage, 4. Corn, 5. Gourds, 6. Honey, 7. Onions, 8. Peppers, 9. White Potatoes, 10. Red Potatoes, 11. Pumpkins, 12. Squash, 13. Sunflowers, 14. Tomatoes, 15. Watermelon, 16. Most Unusual, 17. Other

** Rules for field crop entries - Exhibit items must be clean. For judging purposes, three items for each entry will be required.

Department 2. Section A Canned and Dried Foods: 1. Apples, 2. Beets, 3. Corn, 4. Dried foods, 5. Greens, 6. Green beans, 7. Hot peppers with wieners, 8. Jams, 9. Jellies, 10. Meats, 11. Other canned goods, 12. Peas, 13. Peaches, 14. Peppers, 15. Pickles, 16. Pizza sauce, 17. Relish, 18. Salsa, 19. Sauerkraut, 20. Sausage, 21. Red tomatoes, 22. Green tomatoes

Canned goods must have been canned in 2010 and must be in standard canning jars with rings and disks.

Department 2. Section B Eggs: Class 1 - 1 Dozen Chicken Eggs, Class 2 - Biggest Individual Egg, Class 3 - Most Unique Egg, Class 4 - Most Artistic Egg, A. Adult, B. Child (12 and under)

Department 3, Section A Quilts: 1. Hand appliqué, 2. Machine appliqué, 3. Hand pieced/hand quilted, 4. Machine pieced/quilted, 5. Embroidery, 6. Novice or first quilt, 7. Baby quilt, 8. Wall hanging, 9. Tacked, knotted or tied, 10. Other quilted articles

Antique quilts will not be judged, but used only for display. ** Rules: Quilts must be clean, spots will disqualify for judging (except For antique). Must have been completed in last five years. If entered n previous festival or major quilt show, they will be for display only. In order to be judged, quilts must fit in a class. If your quilt is for sale, put a price on your entry form. We will make contact, but handle no money. Quilt tops will be display only. Quilts must be brought in on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and left until Sunday, Sept. 26; at 1 p.m. If you can't drop entry off on Sept. 21, leave it at Houchin's Fabric Shop, along with entry form and it will be picked up. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. $50 cash prize and special ribbon for judges choice.

Department 3, Section B & C Needlework: 1. Knitted items, 2. Crocheted items, 3. Needlepoint, 4. Plastic canvas, 5. Embroidery, 6. Cross stitch. Sewing 1. Household items, 2. Garments

** Rules: Items must be made during 2010. Items must be clean with no spots or stains. If the items have been entered before, they will be for display only.

Department 3, Section D Crafts: 1. Books or printed materials, 2. Christmas ornaments/items, 3. Wreaths, 4. Decorated baskets, 5. Decorated hats, 6. Decorated wall hangings, 7. Stuffed toys, 8. Dolls, 9. Household items, 10. Hand woven baskets, 11. Beads or jewelry

** Rules: Items must be made during 2010 and must never have been entered before. Items must be clean, with no tears or parts missing.

Department 3, Section E Woodworking: 1. Furniture, 2. Kitchen, 3. Toys, 4. Wood carvings, 5. Wall decoration, 6. Canes or walking sticks, 7. All others

** Rules: Must have been made within the last five years and must not have been entered before. Must be a finished product, not broken or mended.

Department IV, Art and Photography - Photography categories Adult and youth: 1. Black and white photos, 2. Colored photos, people, 3. Colored photos, scenic, 4. Colored photos, animals, 5. Colored photos, flowers, 6. Colored photos, nature, 7. Miscellaneous. Juvenile: 1. Colored photos, people, 2. Colored photos, animals, 3. Colored photos, scenic, 4. Miscellaneous. Art categories Adult and youth:1. Black & white pencil drawing, 2. Pen and ink drawing, 3. Water color painting, 4. Oil painting, 5. Mixed media, 6. Miscellaneous. Juvenile: 1. Black & white pencil drawing, 2. Colored pencil drawing, 3. Pen and ink drawing, 4. Miscellaneous.

Guidelines for Photography and Art: Entries must be a minimum of 5x7 and no larger than 11x14. Must be matted or framed or matted and framed. One entry per class per person. Person entering photo must have taken photo. Photos entered in previous Molasses Festivals that won a ribbon will not be eligible. Adult entries will be ages 18 and up; youth entries, 13 to 18; juvenile entries, 12 and under.

Department 5, Section A Horticulture: 1. Cut flower (single flower), 2. Potted plants, 3. Dried flowers, 4. Fresh flower arrangements.

** Rules: All flowers should be grown locally. Single flower in a clean suitable size vase. Potted plants must be in a clean pot with saucer. Plants should be groomed, remove dirt, spray residue, dead foliage and flowers. All specimens should be in a suitable size container with name on bottom of pot or container. Commercial growers and dealers are not eligible to exhibit, but may have arrangements for display and advertisement.

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