By Alvin Engelke

Area residents have been trying to reset their biological clocks to confirm with the government decreed fast time, a leftover from the Marxists that infiltrated the government during the 30s and 40s and wanted to control every aspect of every one's life.

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Dora Jean Gick, age 64, passed away in Oak Ridge Tennessee. She was a daughter of the late Alfred Monroe. She was buried at Hill Grove.

Ruby Bauerbach, age 80, passed away in Cumberland, Ohio. She was a daughter of the late Henry and Ada Sink Merrill.

Edna Dale Gregg, age 89 of Salem, passed away. She was born in Burning Springs the daughter of the late Harley and Abbie Shuck Enoch.

Local residents have been catching lots of fish and watching the fat gobblers as they strut about. The gobblers likely will end up sliced in cast iron skillets, etc.

Nancy Engelke was consulting with her physician and Charles Russell was undergoing lab work for his physician.

Cap'n Spock was calling on Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bell, Jr. of the Sanoma sector.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooter Marks and sons, J. P., R. P. & A. C., were calling on Marie Luzader up in Ohio over the weekend.

Frankie Mowrey and several other area residents attended the big ramp feed up at the Upper West Fork VFD. Henry Whittington, a retired DOH inspector, noted that the West Fork feed was one of the better ones in the state. Henry, among other things, is known for his love of good food.

A number of local residents attended opening night of the musical 1776, Friday night in Parkersburg. The play was sponsored, in part, by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Many local residents have ancestors who fought against the king for America's freedom back so long ago. Some of them went to a fancy eatery to dine and one became ill.

C. R. Griffin, Sr. reported that he has new tomatoes on his plants.

Ruby Skidmore, Ding Altizer, Cap'n & Mrs. Spock were among those calling on Uncle Pete and Aunt Verda at their Millstone residence.

"Perfesser" Cote and President Hardesty, up at the state center of learning at Morgantown got caught "telling a whopper" about the teaching of Indian Lore in 4-H. Seems there was no decree from USDA saying that funding would be cut if the program wasn't politically correct in some educrat's eye. Perhaps they hadn't read the newspapers recently and didn't know that Hillary wasn't in the White House. It is always good to keep in mind that not so long back the then president of the state university suggested that "rural residents" all be moved to "make the provision of services easier". Such things are done in "urban renewal", ethnic cleansing and other "progressive" enterprises. The ten northern tribes were removed by the Assyrians to help their situation, no doubt and the transfer of the residents of Jerusalem to Babylon "allowed for services to be given easier too".

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. was calling on Debbie and J. B. Griffin.

Ray Siegrist sold the lower half of the P. G. Marks farm to Lanny Meadows.

D. J. and J. S. Boggs were attending to business in Elizabeth.

The weight crew was back in the area looking for and finding the overweight trucks that destroy area highways.

A rig was brought in to drill what appears to be a deep well in the Pine Grove section of Roane County. CNR reported that the Dink unit well in Clay County did not come in as a boomer.

The price of local crude oil fell $1.50 over the weekend to $20/bbl reflecting what was the condition in Venezuela and Iraq.

Carl Ferrell spent the weekend overhauling Donna Sue's red chariot.

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