Kathleen H. Taylor

Welcome back to Beason.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the Moss family and the Self family of Gilmer County. Please know we are keeping you in our hearts and prayers.

We need to give some birthday shout outs to Junior Taylor and Brittany Scites. Happy Birthday and many, many more!

Did you notice the photos of the Ritchie County Marching Rebels in the newspaper with the coverage of the fair? No? Well, maybe it was because the pigs "hogged" up all the space. Those kids were just as much a part of the fair as the livestock. They are representatives of our county and they are a great group of people. I cannot say enough about our band director, Mr. Tignor. He is dedicated to the band 200% and encourages the kids to believe in their abilities. We are blessed to have such a great director. The county papers let us down.

The drama over the colors of the band uniforms needs to stop. Our kids are proud of the band and are proud of their uniforms. They wouldn't be in the band if they weren't dedicated to it. When you put the uniform colors down, you put our kids down.

OK, off to the side where the grass is greener. I am really looking forward to the fall. There's something to be said about the smell of autumn. In the movie, "You've Got Mail", Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan discuss school supplies and the smell of Scotch tape. Of course, at our house, it's more like the smell of glue sticks and Sharpies. But, both bring in the feeling of fall. We've even already begun watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" here at the Taylor household. Gosh, I wish Avery would just let me get past August before he throws Thanksgiving at me.

I am really excited for school to begin on August 23rd. I look forward to the stack of papers that need signed, lost lunches and misplaced homework. But, I think the kids need to get back to a structured schedule. It seems I can only catch up on housework while they're at school. When they're at home, all my cleaning gets destroyed 10 seconds after I do it.

Remember August 27th is our first game against St. Mary's High School. Come out and show that Rebel Spirit!

Have a wonderful week.

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