Two Calhoun women are charged with conspiring with James F. Blankenship, 25, to commit a felony against the state in an alleged effort to smuggle marijuana into Central Regional Jail, where Blankenship is currently being held.

Blankenship is incarcerated for wanton endangerment, destruction of property and conspiracy to commit a felony, related to an incident on Nobe Road where shots were allegedly fired into a vehicle belonging to the Freshour family, along with an inactive hand grenade tossed into their yard.

The Freshour house later burned to the ground. State Police have charged Zachary Allen Wease, 19 with arson in the incident. Wease, who was on home confinement related to another offense, removed his monitoring device and disappeared, with authorities continuing to seek his whereabouts.

Trooper J. E. Kincaid issued criminal complaints against Mary R. Radcliff, 49, Blankenship's mother, and Brandi Shaye Cottrill, 21, reportedly Blankenship's girlfriend. Both have a Big Bend address.

The charges were lodged against the women after Central Regional Jail officials listened to a recording between Blankenship and the women, where Blankenship requests the delivery of marijuana to the jail.

All in-going and out-going telephone conversations at Central Regional Jail are monitored.

The criminal complaint says Blankenship phoned his mother, Mary Radcliff, and Radcliff advised him, "Brandi went to (name deleted) but she is on her way back."

Blankenship, according to the complaint, asks, "She get me any bud?"

Mary Radcliff replies, "I don't know about that, but she went to do some talking."

"Tell Brandi to get me some bud and smash it up real small so I can put it in my mouth," Blankenship says, according to the complaint.

The report says Mary Radcliff replied, "Okay."

A short time later, in a second phone conversation, Blankenship talked with Brandi Cottrill, asking her, "Did you get me a bud?"

Cottrill replied, "No."

Blankenship, according to the complaint, responds with, "No! You got to be s------g me, you better bring me a bud in a balloon."

The complaint says Cottrill replied with, "Uh huh."

Blankenship then says, "Serious, there ain't no uh huh about it..."

Both Radcliff and Cottrill have been released from Central Regional Jail on bond.

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