By Alvin Engelke

Local residents were relieved that the Supreme Court upheld the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution which says that Americans have the right to keep & bear arms. However, the vote was not unanimous but only 5 to 4. Mrs. Kagan, the new pick for the supremes is hostile to guns, the military and believes in decisions made in secrecy. However, "Hope & Change" includes making us "citizens of the world" and the U. N. is against private gun ownership.

At the big economic summit the Big Eared One said that the world playing field should be leveled and that Americans, in essence, lived too large and that the money should be shared all over the world. Based on current figures that would make the average American income about $16,000/year. While some local folks know how to do that, such would create real problems for most people. They would no doubt hope that they could change things.

During the campaign the Big Eared One said he would "redistribute the wealth" and he seemed to indicate that would only impact those making over $200,000 or $250,000 [depending upon the day]. However, it now seems that the wealth redistribution reaches much, much lower. Both Charles & Euell Russell are now disabled and Euell is presently at Miletree in Spencer. The local SS deputy commissar discovered that they both had pre-need burial contracts that cost just under $2,500 each. Under the new rules it is said that only $1500 pre-need burial contracts will be permitted for those who had formerly qualified for SSI.

With the death of 92-year-old Robert Byrd, the political wheels are turning at full speed. Bobby wanted to make sure Gaston never got the job but his name has been mentioned even though he moved to New York City, to get some class no doubt. Byrd was the one who gave away the Panama Canal which is now operated by the communist Chinese. The Big Boss wants the job and Earl Ray wants to move in the mansion with all the big flat screen tee vees. The Boss had new stories bandied about that "West Virginia wanted him in the senate now." Could it be that there are some in the Manchin family that don't have state jobs and now want to get on the bigger, fatter federal payroll?

There will be a clothing give away Saturday, July 10 at the Creston Community Building. It is sponsored by the Creston Neighborhood Watch. Every one is invited to attend.

The Creston ATV poker run will be held on Saturday, July 17. Mark the calendars for a day of fun, mud, etc.

The Buckeye crew has been busy clearing off locations for new oil & gas wells. It seems that every well they drill has zone after zone filled with oil and gas.

The gendarmes were calling in Creston last weekend. Previously it had been reported that they were chasing young boys who were trying to skinny dip in Straight Creek.

Local residents have received letters and cards from various folks wanting to buy oil and gas and land. It would seem that what they want to purchase is situate in areas perhaps already selected for Marcellus shale wells. Would be sellers should be very, very careful.

Statoil Norsk Hydro, the Norwegian government company that paid Chesapeake $5,666.66/acre to be able to drill Marcellus shale wells in Calhoun & Roane (& other W. Va. counties) is the major player in the North Sea is now a far flung company. In addition to drilling in the Artic they are involved in the offshore Brazil field, Algeria, Angola, China, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Libya, Nigeria, Azerbaijan & Venezuela. They are also active in the Canadian oil sands project in Alberta. The Marcellus project is one of their four priority growth areas, the others being deep water, harsh environments and heavy oil. The company is headquartered in Stavanger Norway.

For those who are looking for work it was less than comforting when VP "Biteme" Biden said the jobs "would not be coming back". However, if one has the skills, Saudi Aramco is looking for some top-notch people. As the ad says, "It's also the opportunity for you and your family to travel the world . . . . " . . . and help fund the caliphate.

Eastern Oil Field Services/Prime, formerly known as Sterling Drilling & Promotion Company had some equipment in the Creston area. They have wells on the Boyd Duskey property and on Goose Nest, Husk Ridge, Straight Creek, etc.

Mr. & Mrs. Don Rhodes & daughter were camping down in Beaver Dam with Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ferrell.

Dickie Deel's daughter Danielle & husband were visiting at the Deel residence.

Nancy & Alvin Engelke were visiting Mr. & Mrs. Adam Yates and spent some time at his grandfather Howard Walker's camp on the South Branch. While the soya beans in that area looked good much of the corn crop looked stressed while pastures were brown and dry.

Allegheny Power customers in eastern W. Va. and northern Virginia were surprised to find that they will now get electricity from the federal government. For reasons that aren't clear the electric patrons were transferred to an "electric cooperative". The biggest of the federal power companies, TVA, had the biggest coal sludge spill in the history of the world but it is OK because since it is the government there "was no pollution, no fish died, etc."

A billboard in the panhandle said that Jesus would want socialized medicine. Are there some new editions of God's Holy Word out?

Another sign said prosecute Massey Coal for manslaughter. While the investigation continues it seems that the gas that caused the explosion came from the floor. A few years back there was a similar event and the venting system in place then solved the problem and no one died but, at that time, the feds said that the system must be changed. Over strenuous company opposition the changes were made as demanded by the government man and the new system failed. "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you!"

April 1 has come & gone and now July 1 likewise has passed. Some local residents note that they have yet to receive census forms.

New River Energy Corp. permitted a dozen Marcellus shale wells in Boone County while Ron Stalnaker permitted three in Upshur County. Consolidation Coal Company permitted four new horizontal Marcellus wells in Barbour County.

The price of gasoline in Virginia was often below $2.50/gallon or 25 cents less that in West Virginia. Some have said that companies must pay to operate in West Virginia. Surely that isn't so.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude fell $2.50/bbl to $67.25.

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