By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. There will be no services at the Burning Springs M. E. church on July 4.

Nancy & Jane Engelke attended the Miss West Virginia pageant in Morgantown. W. Harrison Schenerlein IV took in two nights of the festivities but grew tired of pulchritude and spent time checking out the Monongahela River, Cooper's Rocks and the Rib Fest where he met up with the comely Erica Goldsmith.

The Loudin family is spending some time at their camp on the old Hunter Pell place along the West Fork.

The Wirt road crew has been pulling ditches and mowing grass along Creston area roadways.

A comely lass from Ohio was visiting on Ann's Run.

Anna Yates went to Home Depot to purchase a table with an umbrella for the deck/porch. After the salesperson fetched the items it was discovered that one only bought one fourth of the table and that one had to then purchase the other three pieces separately. One was purchased at another store.

Eula Honaker reported that her father & brother Franklin & Franklin Lee Sandy of Spencer were celebrating birthdays. The Sandys are former Creston residents and have many relatives & friends in the area.

The local area has experienced hot weather and thunderstorms. There are lots of fawns around and the bucks are in the velvet.

Charles Russell had Sunday dinner with his brother Euell at Miletree.

The Big Eared One had the Congress pass a law that will severely cramp local banks but which guarantees that the "big boys", his buddies Goldman Sachs, AIG, etc are given taxpayer guarantees. All this is to help "the people" but Timmy the Tax Cheat who is the head T-man said the world can no longer look to America to be the financial leader. That is likely an euphemism for, "Now we are broke and the Chinese, the Mexican drug lords, the Russian gangsters and George Soros will determine the world's finances". Also VP "Biteme" Biden said the jobs that were lost will never come back.

A reflection of how matters are going it was noted that when Greece was forced to sell their islands to foreign owners the buyers were Russians & Chinese. When W. Va. coal sales are talked to serious buyers (the market is in the tank) are always either Indians or Chinese. Of course in both countries coal can be burned, apparently with open stacks regardless of sulphur, ash, etc.

An example of why that is so is the light bulb. The eco-weenies said the bulbs Thomas Alva Edison invented will "ruin the planet through global warming" and that one must use mercury vapour bulbs. Factories in America that make regular light bulbs have been shut down and the mercury vapour bulbs cannot be made in America but are all produced in China. If one breaks one of them one is supposed to call in a hazmat team and the discarded bulbs cannot go to the land fill (legally). Speaking of ecology, the high priest of the "Church of Global Warming" is back in the news after a long suppressed story of him allegedly groping a masseuse made the news.

Also the congress critters passed a law that allows the Big Eared One to shut down the Internet for four months "for an emergency". They do the same thing in Iran, communist China, etc. all the time.

The Little Fiddler, formerly known as the Grand Kleagle, is said to be seriously ill from an undisclosed illness. The Big Boss wants the job so bad he can taste it but, of course, he says, "He will finish out his term."

Now that the gulf oil spill has gone on for over two months it is becoming very clear that the man who has been in charge "since day one" does not want the oil contained and cleaned up because the environmental destruction can be used to pass "cap & trade, a/k/a cap & tax" as if that would solve the problem. When the bill is passed then the skimmers will be allowed to clean up the oil (but not before - regardless of the results), berms to protect the swamps can be built and booms can be used to stop and catch the oil. Considering how matters are playing out the possibility of sabotage looms ever larger although BP was in tight with the administration and 'pesky' rules were waived 'just for them' as Prof. Chu, the Chinaman who is the Energy Secretary, said some time back, "BP (British Petroleum, formerly known as the Anglo Persian Oil Co) was going to save the world."

The price of local Penn grade crude rose to $73/bbl although much natural gas sells for less than $4 or about half of what is profitable.

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