By Dave Trippett

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a licensing company that represents W-Brothers Studios as well as several other production companies.

I was sternly informed that showing one of their films outside in our parking lot was illegal without a license. They didn't care if it was a church and no admission was charged.

They simply stated that showing it outside of my home shouldn't ever happen without permission.

I will not repeat the context of those rather heated phone calls between that company and myself but I will tell you that a license was obtained.

Then, to my surprise, we were informed we were not allowed to advertise the name of the movie as well as the name of the Production Company. Now you understand the abbreviation in our annoucement.

Regardless of all these obstacles the show will go on.

So this Friday we will show Cloudy ____ a ______ of Meatballs. This animated comedy made by Col_____ Pictures has received high praise and reviews.

There are no charges, no fees, no tickets to buy, and no reservations needed. Just bring a lawn chair and maybe a friend or two and enjoy the show.

It makes no difference if you attend a church or not. Everyone is invited. It makes no difference what denomination you choose to follow. Everyone is invited. It makes no difference if you live in Grantsville or not. Everyone is invited.

Some of the movies will be animated and others won't. Yet, all of them are screened to ensure they are "family appropriate".

While you're enjoying the show the people of Knotts will have popcorn, soda, and water available for everyone. There is also no charge whatsoever for any of it.

This program has proven itself to be a safe and inexpensive way for children and adults alike to gather together to enjoy each others company. Since it's an out door setting the movies will be shown as close to dusk, (8:30 p.m.), as possible. In the event of uncooperative weather the movie will be shown in the social hall of the church.

If you have any questions feel free to call Dave Trippett at 354-9341.

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