By Alvin Engelke

Anna and Jane Engelke, Keith Collins and Mike Tedrick were calling at the Engelke residence in Creston and doing some four wheeling and played games.

The Wirt County road crew has been cleaning up muck and flood debris from the road up next to the WEVA station. Also a sink hole came in the road along the West Fork near Clancy Wilson's old corn field. Jimmy Schrader treated the crew to some fresh, hot, just out of the oven, Mexican corn bread.

SFC Tom Fluharty, USA, retired, returned after visiting his parents in Florida. His father recently underwent eye surgery.

A tree broke off and landed on the telephone line crossing the West Fork below the mouth of Pete's run and the repair service was called. The tree was so heavy it caused a pole to lean 40 degrees from the vertical but the repairman said, "Oh I can't fix it today, I'll be back next week."

The USDA's multiflora rose is growing and the USDA's Asiatic beetles ("Ladybugs") still are infesting homes, churches and other buildings.

The deer which the DNR want to be ever more abundant so they can sell more and more out of state hunting licenses decided that tulips taste good. As a result they ate every one of Nancy Engelke's tulips including the ones right beside the house. It is very likely that some of Mr. Hamrick's prize critters will not be around come firearms season for the out of state fat cats to harvest.

Charles russell was consulting his physician.

The fellow who forced Eugene Shafer off the road and into the old Tracy spencer store building was apprehended.

Dominion (Mother Hope) experienced troubles at their stripping plant at Hastings (Pine Grove) which required that many local gas wells had to be shut in. Dominion removes all the goodies from the natural gas - propane, butane, mountain high test, etc. and then sells the lower BTU product to consumers by volume.

H.L. Stutler was attending to business in Grantsville.

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, April 6 staring at 6 p.m. at the Creston Community Building. Proceeds go to maintain the community building. Everyone is invited to come and visit, munch on goodies and look for bargains. For details contact Donna Sue at 275-3202.

The oil and gas inspector was on the Richardsonville taking digital photographs of the abandoned oil well that flowed, he allowed, 100 bbl. during the recent flood.

Some boys went four wheeling with their FWD truck in a muddy hayfield along the West Fork. They may get to do some restoration work.

Roy Pursley may still be in the dog house but things turned out to not be so drastic in the hen house since Mrs. Yearian reported that the hens didn't starve nor drown and they still have eggs to eat. No doubt details are available to those who really want to know.

Rev. Robert Stanley preached an easter Sunday sermon at the Burning Springs M.E. church to what has to be the largest congregation there in years.

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Rhoades and family were calling on family in Creston and doing some four wheeling. Todd is on active duty at Fort Bragg.

Jaunita Moody reported that new windows have been purchased for the Creston Church. She noted that the insulation in the attic cut the heat bill way down.

The "Pointy headed intellectuals" up at WVU decided they ought to be really PC (politically correct) and without consulting with anyone changed the 4-H program which has worked well with only one complaint (concerning Indians) for 80 years. Apparently Adolph, Osama, Benito, Vladimir, Saddam, et al do not have the corner on those who would tell us all what to think and sic the PC police on those who dare to object to their folly. Next thing they will abolish the Big Injun and Squaw sands and make thousands and thousands of WV oil and gas wells dry. If someone does not call a halt soon one can expect book burnings before very long.

Mark Shimer has returned home after spending some time in Columbus where he had employment during the winter.

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