By Alvin Engelke

The Creston auction will be held Saturday, May 1 (May Day in the Socialist world) starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. It will be a good chance to come and tell tales about harvesting the big gobblers. The Community Building meeting will be Tuesday, May 4 at 7 P. M.

It was learned that Virgil Maze passed away Sunday morning. A retired pumper for the South Penn Oil Co. (later Pennzoil) he was a prominent farmer on Straight Creek and a musician who formerly played & sang at the Creston sings.

Rev. Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Area residents have been harvesting locust blossoms which are tasty when dipped in batter & deep-fried. Of course with the proposed new food rules, deep fried foods may be banned for the proletariat. The Tee Vee series with Jaime Oliver and the problem with meals served school children and the resultant obese (fat) children continues. Again it was made clear that "the federal guidelines" determine what school systems serve the youngsters. Of course then there can be federal problems to "deal with childhood obesity". Such used to be resolved using playgrounds and work for the youngsters as well as healthy food.

Speaking of good food, the FDA & U. S. marshals recently raided an Amish dairy farm in Pennsylvania at 5 A. M. one morning and accused the farmer of "interstate commerce with milk & milk products". When asked why they came so early they replied that "ordinary business hours for agriculture start at 5 A. M!" The big time crime busters threatened to seize his property even though he does not sell milk to the public.

The Big Eared One who collected $1 million in campaign cash from Goldman Sachs, the big investment bank now has a plan to 'regulate banks and protect 'the little people'. The big boys on Wall Street have a long running love affair with Barry & his liberal buddies and actually support his new plan since it will allow permanent taxpayer funding for bailouts of the big outfits (too big to fail) at the expense of ordinary taxpayers. Speaking of new taxes the 10% federal VAT tax on everything is being hyped now in more & more places.

Obama Motors (formerly GM) claimed that they paid back the funds extended them by the taxpayers but apparently all that happened is that money from one TARP fund was used to 'retire' certain funds, but then, all is secret.

The Creston area received some rain Saturday evening which may bring up the morel mushrooms which, so far have been scarce because of dry weather.

Charles Russell ate Sunday dinner with Euell at Miletree. Euell has been helping the Alzheimer's patients with their puzzles. P. E. Graham has been working to fix their residence so Euell can come home. Uncle Bill Russell's son Kenny was calling on Charles one day last week.

Ricky Tucker's puppies continue to thrill those who travel the Richardsonville road. They are cute and they love to play.

Folks over in the Rock Run country were surprised to see a Mercedes Benz going up Sugar Camp & then coming down the run. It seems Joe O'Ferrell who currently is operating as Standard Oil (of West Virginia) is drilling a well on the Warburton property. It was noted that all the vehicles have Ohio tags and that none of the trucks has any identification except DOT numbers. O'Ferrell formerly operated as Invitation Energy and formerly had offices in Cairo, Shinnston, & Mannington, W. Va. as well as Cadiz Ohio.

A fellow who indicated he was from Mexico was in the area saying that he had a wad of cash money and wanted to purchase spudders. He was being driven around in a chariot with Ohio tags and the driver wore a big hat. It probably safe to say that the would be tycoon will now be staying clear of Arizona since they are cracking down on illegal aliens.

Early voting has started and local residents are urged to go and vote. While no one filed in the Creston mayor's race there are real choices to be made elsewhere which will have long term impact. Thoughtful decisions should be made to positively impact both local, state & national governments.

A number of local residents attended the Wirt County Historical Society meeting/gathering Saturday at the Baptist Church in Elizabeth. There were lots of informative displays, pictures, books, etc.

While the census was supposed to have been done April 1 it was noted that they are still advertising for workers and local residents have yet to receive census forms.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil rose to $78/bbl.

Confusion and consternation seem to reign at local offices of Dominion as details of the sale to Consolidation Coal continue to sift out. Charts will be read on certain days even if those are Sundays & holidays and then there is the question of which workers will stay with the pipeline system and what will happen to those who (formerly) tended the wells?

It would appear that someone plans to drill horizontal Marcellus wells and, perhaps, deep wells in the area as both Spring Run (at Arnoldsburg) and White Pine roads have been marked for seismic studies. It seems the state gives permission for prospecting of local residents' minerals without the owners permission.

The Big Boss gave a contract to Tyler Technologies, a Dallas based outfit to 'figger out how to increase real estate values" during an economic downturn. It seems the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk always need to consult out of state experts to make decisions. The company was formerly called Cole Layer & Trumbull.

An outfit from Cleveland has been painting W. Va. 5 in the Creston area. Some years back the wise ones down at the Mouth of the Elk sold the paint trucks to out of state firms so that wealthy West Virginia could help out the poor in hard up states like Ohio. One can be sure that the workers sleep in their vehicles and draw only minimum wages to make sure W. Va. taxpayers are not gouged.

While Obamacare continues to be talk everywhere an outfit that collects federal funds to supposedly help folks in their homes was raided in Clay. While the employees drew low wages for their services one of the owners bragged he pulled down a salary of $2.2 million and was featured in the national news. He made Mr. Graham the senior citizens director from Itman in Wyoming County who had clients in Wirt County look like a piker. Of course all such government programs are set up so that they can be easily scammed since, after all, "It is just taxpayer money".

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