By Alvin Engelke

Jacques Frost was calling in Creston over the weekend. Trilliums, dogwoods, larkspur & phlox are all in bloom and grass is growing. Because of a lack of rain, apparently, the number of morel mushrooms found remains small but local folks have been feasting on ramps, poke and other spring delicacies. Also the tent caterpillars continue to feast on wild cherry and other fruit trees. Autumn olive is in full bloom and continues to spread in pasture fields and elsewhere. Multiflora rose now has new shoots six inches long. Autumn olive and multiflora rose are two examples of federal government programs "to help the people".

Speaking of government programs, a recent report stated that the Post Office is not a viable business. It probably wouldn't be PC (politically correct) to suggest that the system's mid level managers all be sent home. Not so long back the taxpayers were buying $1 million dollar homes to make life easier for this group of "public servants".

While companies have been hired to make sure illegal aliens are counted in the census, a number of local residents have yet to receive the forms. Some wonder if this is intentional or whether this is because of the incompetence of the federal government. Some of the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk note that if the census is done correctly the entire balance of power in West Virginia will change.

The Calhoun road crew had the long arm mowers out cutting the grass along W. Va. 5.

Something over 400 riders participated in the Creston ATV poker run which took riders to mudholes, streams and some challenging terrain. Randall Green won the 50/50. Gary Pauley came in first, followed by Paul Porter & Sherri Waddle. The community would like to thank all who came and made the event a success, those who donated prizes and food, those who worked to set up the route, mailed out the notices, worked the kitchen did the signups, etc. Helen Nutter, one of the residents of the Nut Hut came and worked even though she is presently confined to a wheelchair.

W. Harrison Schenerlein IV attended Frances Guice's birthday party.

Charles White and Charles Russell were among those calling on Euell Russell at the Miletree facility in Spencer.

Vernon Bell, age 80, passed away in Parkersburg. He & his late wife Loretta formerly played music and sang at the Creston sings. Burial was in the Belt cemetery.

Michael L. Duncan, age 56 of Fleming Ohio was killed instantly when an elderly lady hit his Harley with her Buick. The impact was so severe the frame of the cycle was imbedded into the automobile. He was the son of Wanda Lee Tucker Duncan who formerly lived in the area.

A lily livered federal judge recently ruled that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional. Apparently she is unaware that the first book published by the U. S. Congress was the Bible and for decades church services were held in the U. S. Capitol building. The big-eared one who has been busy making "outreach to muslims" a priority put the shaft to Israel. There are some key passages in a well-known book that some should read lest other events transpire.

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Gay Park who has been on the puny list is improved.

Nancy Engelke had a flat tire but was able to limp into Hill's Exxon in Elizabeth. They quickly fixed her up with new tires so she could continue on her way. The pothole plagued roads are death on tires, alignments and other automotive parts.

The price of natural gas on the Dominion system (Mother Hope) for April will be $4.03 and the price of local Pennsylvania grade crude dropped $1.75/bbl to $74.50.

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