A large crowd was on hand Saturday night for services at the newly reopened Creston Church. For particulars one may contact Juanita Moody at 275-3190.

The rabid fox that Tim Carpenter killed (after he had climbed up on the separator on the well location) was at the Shimer gate near the head of Big Run of Little Creek. Those who are out and about are urged to be armed so that rabid foxes or other vermin dont have a chance to attack. A 221coon that "didnt act right" was killed on the Richardsonville road not far from the mouth of Little Creek.

Mr. and Mrs. H.Wayne Nida have returned home after visiting their daughter Peggy "Sis" and husband Jules in New South Wales, Australia. They reported having a wonderful trip and hoped to go back and spend much more time.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Meadows were visiting Mr. .and Mrs. H. W. Nida and Angie.

Former long time Eureka Oil Pipeline Co. production agent W. Don Glover was attending to business in Creston Saturday night.

A certain fellow had to "repossess his own vehicle" the other day after "she changed her mind concerning him". He then ended up "down on his luck" and had to get a ride home Saturday night with Janet. Some then said, "It wont be long, if he isnt careful, before he gets to talk to Uncle Bob!" It was noted that her "younguns" were in the automobile too -- for whatever protection that might provide.

It was reported that a substantial law enforcement presence was in Creston the other day and one fellow was taken away "in the cuffs". The nature of charges was unclear.

A number of Wirt County residents attended the Excellence in Tobacco awards dinner held January 31 at Ripley. Mike McFee, the #1 tobacco farmer on Chestnut Run reported that, after the change in administrations in Washington the local allotments were increased 36%. He and the comely Amy were among those dining on prime beef and other goodies. Last year, for the benefit of foreign donors, the government allotments were sliced 45%. Amber Sommerville of Sommerville Fork won the Farm Bureau youth speaking award and Stephanie Schreckengost of Pee Wee placed second. Preston Andrick represents Wirt County on the W. Va. Farm Bureau tobacco committee. Jim Workman who lives just over the hill in Roane County from Creston is one of the main wheels in awards program.

Local band members have been out selling pizza to supplement academic programs at the school.

County Commissioner Robert Lowe, who has roots in Creston, was attending to business in the community over the weekend.

Saunders Logging from Spencer has been hauling large loads of logs from Little Rowells Run causing substantial damage to the highways. West Virginia does not have a frost law to protect roads during times when roads are easily destroyed. Other states have this protection but some want to rip and tear anytime with other taxpayers picking up the bill. Presently the road from Creston to Spencer has several bad places in spite of a new paving job.

It was learned that there is a move to have the Legislature change the law that requires surface owners permission for deep well (greater than 6,000 feet deep) locations. Now that directional drilling is commonplace it is no longer necessary that wells be placed on the most valuable surface land. Apparently some operators objected that landowners would have some leverage in determining the locations of the above ground facilities of the deep wells. Columbia is scheduled to drill in on Flat Run on Monday and work is progressing on Harry Clay Boggss well at the head of Shaver. Leasemen are scouring the country trying to pick up cheap leases.

Chester and Steve Pursley were attending to business in Creston recently.

Beanie Veon was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bell on the occasion of Juanita Bells 83rd birthday. They provided special singing at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

A big rock fell down at the old Cherry rock quarry and landed in the middle of the road. The main part of the rock was all that would fit in a John Deere loader bucket. After falling down the hill and ending up in the road the rock was still covered with Asiatic beetles (government lady bugs), thousands of them. One fellow allowed as how the extra weight of the pests caused the rock to fall. Had anyone been injured one might allow that the USDA would be liable.

Some local residents have been following the reports of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) investigation into pirated PROMIS software which was used for espionage, money laundering, etc. The story has a West Virginia connection inasmuch as Danny Casolaro who did an earlier investigation of the "caper" was killed in Martinsburg, W. Va. in 1991 and all his records were taken.

While the wholesale price of natural gas sold in January peaked at just under $11/MMBTU, some gas is still sold for 40 cents and other prices unrelated to market forces. One gas buyer unilaterally changed his contract which paid 85% of market to 80% of the market (inside FERC price). Many W. Va. royalty owners do not get to share in the price increase since their gas royalties were set a century ago at from $50 to $300 per year per gas well and $5 per year for gas from what are or were defined as oil wells.

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