By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. He will also preach on Easter (this time the 5th. Sunday) at Burning Springs and Bell Chapel. The Burning Springs service starts at 9:30 a.m. and all are welcome.

J.P., R.P., A.C. and "Cooter" Marks spent the weekend camping at Camp Kootaga.

Jane and Nancy Engelke spent the weekend in Buckhannon where Jane participated in the Strawberry Festival contest. There were 103 contestants. Jane placed in the top 12 for Festival Queen.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Graham are the parents of a new baby girl. This makes Roger's 3rd. grandchild and Dorothy Graham's 15th. great grandchild. Jason is in the U.S. Navy and is stationed in Virginia.

Ding Altizer and Cap'n Spock were among the visitors to Uncle pete and Aunt Verda at their Millstone residence recently.

Nancy Engelke consulted with her surgeon Dr. Nayak and received a good report. She is taking therapy at Minnie Hamilton.

Eugene Shafer and Etta Coon had a narrow escape with death when they met a sports car in the wrong lane on WV 5 on the Annamoriah Flats. Shafer left the road and hit the side of the old building that formerly housed Tracy Spencer's store.

The big news in the area was cold weather, snow (not so much) and high water. The other evening when the snow started the frogs were still singing but finally they gave up. There was a lot of rain on the head of the West Fork as well as the head of Spring Creek and Reedy which resulted in high water for the Creston and surrounding area. Neighbors and family evacuated Dorothy Graham but water did not get into her home. A number of local residents were water bound for a day or so but there was no significant local flood damage. Dave McKain was at the Oil and Gas Park at Burning Springs and had his first experience with high water as did the new Creston postmaster.

Some local residents smelled oil during the flood. An investigation found an abandoned oil well burping and bubbling up through the water. It is hoped that the abandoned well fund will be used to plug the well which was abandoned 80 years ago.

Local residents would like to thank the Elizabeth/Wirt VFD for washing the mud from the roadway in front of the Creston Post Office.

Kayla, Dalton, Chris and C. Romeo Griffin, Jr., Lois Marks, Debbie Griffin, J.B. and C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. dined out at the Parkersburg Bonanza on Saturday afternoon. C Romeo Griffin, Sr. is planning to return to Florida this coming week.

The fat cats at the top of the postal system who fly around like rich jet setters decided they didn't have enough money so the cost of letters will go to 37 cents. Postal service at Creston has a long history of being FIRST CLASS but the same cannot be said elsewhere. The post office, a government monopoly and Amtrak, a failed socialist dream, both are using tax dollars to advertise - or maybe it is that they are giving money to friends who are in the advertising business.

Calhoun County Commissioner David E. Barr was attending to business of an agrarian nature in Creston over the weekend.

It was learned that Columbia Gas's Hensley well in Roane County is now in the line and is described as "respectable". Drilling on Harry Clay Boggs deep well is said to be growing slow while there is no report on Columbia's well in Clay County. It was understood that Martin Twist is to drill another deep well in Jackson County.

The price of local Penn grade crude fell Friday (3/23) to $21.75/bbl.

Hallie Cunningham reported that after eye surgery she has perfect vision in that eye.

Reggie Grimmit, husband of Dorothy Graham's granddaughter Amy Grimmit returned from a 4 day trip to nashville, Tennessee where he played harmonica with Tim McGraw's band. Reggie owns Music World in Parkersburg. Dorothy reported that she too made a tape one evening when her throat felt good and that it made a lot of money and the folks who had the rights to it used the money for good causes.

Josemite Sam Dawson and C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. exchanged visits. Sam has yet to commence construction on his Legal Eagle ultra light aero plane. Rumor has it that Tammy (who guards the war chest) Hasn't put her stamp of approval on the paperwork yet.

The turkey buzzards made a spectacular display Sunday morning down on the dePue straight. There was at least 100 of the big birds on both sides of the road and many had their wings spread.

It was learned that Eleanor Grim fell and broke her hip. She has been in poor health for some time.

A big rock fell into the road going to Stumptown and the Calhoun Road Crew had to "baby sit" the rock until dynamite could be obtained from Wirt County to break it into pieces. It was determined that Lynn Tanner was there best man so John Shafer took him out and advised that he should keep track of the level of the Little Kanawha River so as not to get marooned. John saw a nice piece of wood in the ditch to use to keep track of the rising waters but Lynn saw a fine stick on the lower side of the road so he stepped in the edge of the water and went in up to his neck. He bounced right back earning him the name of Bobbles. His wife had to fetch Bobbles some dry threads.

Roy Pursley, the Old Furniture Salesman, cannot keep out of controversy. Seems high water got into Anthony Yearian's hen house on Lower Big Run (something about a plugged pipe) and covered up the roosts. Being a tall man roy was asked to open the door so the hens could escape but he declined so they starved to death while they flew around without a perch upon which to light. Earlier it was said that mrs. Yearian got wet trying to save the chickens so the family could have fresh eggs. The Yearian's, at one time, lived at Annamoriah.

SFC Thomas Fluharty, USA, retired, motored to Florida to visit his father who underwent eye surgery.

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