By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

A big crowd was on hand for the Creston Community Easter Party. The tables were creaking under the load of food and after a wonderful meal of all sorts of goodies from pickled beets to deviled eggs, ham, turkey, 'taters, noodles, etc. the younger set went out and gathered eggs during the sprinkles. One can say that the event was a big success and all who worked and contributed should be thanked for their efforts.

The Creston auction will be held Saturday, April 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building.

Those visiting Euell Russell at the Miletree Center in Spencer included I. J. Lynch, Sr. & Jr., Tim Lynch, Alvie, Donna & Carl Ferrell, Charles Russell & W. Harrison Schenerlein IV. Euell's birthday was Sunday. He continues to improve with his walking and hopes to return home soon.

Local residents who rely on social security for sustenance were "somewhat concerned" when it was reported that the federal program will this year pay out more in payments than is collected from workers and employers. It seems that there are those in government who would make Carlo Ponzi & Bernie Madoff look like small timers. This also means that the congress critters can no longer use "social security funds" for other purposes but, instead, must increase taxes to make the "benefit payments". Some say that the U. S. government is not too far behind Greece which is now insolvent and can't get bailed out. The Greeks had also used the same banks used by the U. S. which also funded the big-eared one and his friends.

Talk continues about cutbacks of service from the postal department which is running in the red. While mail is delivered to the post offices seven days each week the new plan now is to only give mail to patrons on five days. Some while back a postal official based at the Mouth of the Elk noted that "postal customers" were the big bulk mailers. Currently the postal system is promoting Ellen deGenerate as part of a series on women. Some presumed that Hetty Green, Bella Abzug & Lizzie Borden were next in line.

Spring beauties, toothwort, bluets and other spring ephemerals are blooming and ramps are up. All this in spite of some snow and a visit from Jacques Frost.

Helen Nutter is now "traveling in style" so to speak in a wheelchair. She has had her share of ailments lately, and then some.

Gay Park reported that almost all her family was on hand to help her celebrate her birthday.

I. J. Lynch, Sr. gave Don Rhodes a jar of elderberry jelly.

J. A. "Stymie" Plummer was attending to business in Creston.

Lanny Meadows had a special surprise for his birthday when he received a card from none other than Barry Hussein Obama himself. Some of his friends just shook their heads.

Six lawmen were calling on Little Creek one day last week. Some wonder what all the excitement was about.

A prominent Burning Springs resident voted for 'hope & change' and now all his buddies remind him as he worries about having any spare change. One friend noted that our man has now taken up serious target shooting & doesn't like to be reminded of his past error.

Sen. Max Baucus said the "Health Care Reform Bill" is an attempt to fix the maldistribution of income in America and, thus is not intended to solve problems with the rising cost of care, etc. Congressman Dingell from Michigan said that the new "Obamacare" would set up the mechanisms so that "the government could control the people". Fidel Castro referred to the new law as "a miracle". The next step may be making illegal aliens new registered voters who get "free health care".

Some local folks have gardens worked up. It should be interesting to see how many of those who receive food stamps make an effort to raise their own food. Of coursed some feel that they are "entitled to be kept" by those who work.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil fell to $73/bbl. Nationally gasoline prices are heading for he $3/gallon range which made lots of news during the last administration but now, apparently, it is jus fine. The federal folks said that now cars are not the most important means of travel and that the emphasis would be put on alternatives, apparently such as walking paths, bike trails, levitation, etc. Years ago, as a "mark of progress" local public transportation was abolished. Then again, in a totally transformed America there likely will be few jobs for local residents.

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