By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area continues to enjoy spring like weather. Fruit trees are starting to bloom and the United States Department of Agriculture's multiflora rose and Tartarian honeysuckle are both leafing out. Spring flowers are out everywhere, birds are singing, fish are biting and gardens are being made. Shy, Little Maggie, Grey Tiger and Lucretia are all due soon so there should be a significant increase in the local feline population.

Rev. Don Casto is out and is looking at land and timber on Little Creek. In the past he has dealt in oil and gas leases, timber land, etc. He had last been heard of in regard to leases in Pleasants County, etc.

Nancy Engelke is home from rehab and is doing well. She goes to Minnie Hamilton for further therapy.

Gaynell Pennington is on the sick list and is to consult with her physician.

John I. Morris reported that he ate a big mess of ramps with fried 'taters, corn bread and bacon. Russ Richardson also reported that ramps, the local tasty gourmet treat are up for the harvesting.

One fellow noted that he will soon get to remove his ankle bracelet and he was contemplating "a celebration."

C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. and Cap'n Spock fired up a mighty grey Starship at lit out for the greater Akron sector of oO (Ohio; that is o, high o) to visit fambly and friends. They called on Glenn, Joanne, and Rodgie Griffin and Bill, Susan and Billy Sands of Manchester, Lori & Megan Perkins, Boots & Deloris Griffin, of Canal Fulton, and Opal and Kevin Stutler of Sherman. After a brief but very enjoyable visit they returned home Saturday evening to the Creston/Burning Springs area.

Midge Stutler and Betty were also calling on Opal and Kevin Stutler this weekend.

The big timber job in the Ground Hog region continues to be a hot topic in local circles. A local spaceman reports that FWD may soon be necessary to travel on flat ground there if it continues to rain. He may mount up the 1740 Ground Hawgs on his mighty Starship Enterprise, just to see how much mud Ol' Blue can sling.

There will be a workshop on timber land management, Saturday, March 23 on the Right Hand Fork of Crummies Creek.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil rose another quarter to $21.00/bbl. Area producers have been receiving inquiries about gas production and contracts. Apparently, thanks to Osama and his uglies, including, no doubt Saddam, petroleum production from the middle east may be temporarily suspended with resultant price swings, etc.

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