By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs ME Church. He announced there would be a special meeting April 2 at the New Home (Mayberry) Church concerning the proposed closing of the Palestine Church and a reorganization of the churches on the "Wirt Charge." Attendance is strongly suggested.

C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. and Benji came home from Florida for a visit last Friday. He was calling on Mr. and Mrs. C. Romeo Griffin, Jr., Kayla and Dalton, Mr. and Mrs. Cooter Marks and sons, Uncle Pete and and Verda Bush, Madeline Lynch, Marlon and Seymour Settles and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Griffin. Benji found a new friend in Sadie.

Susan Myers and Anna Engelke took Nancy Engelke on an outing to the mall in Vienna. Nancy is recovering at the Western Hills Rehab Hospital, and is slated to go home soon.

A storm with high winds blew through the area Saturday evening. Winds measured 70 mph where there was testing equipment. Locally trees were brought down and the road crew was out opening up closed roads. Electric service from Mineral Wells to the west side of the LKR bridge in Creston was out and then later telephone service failed.

Some area cattlemen have been having trouble with parasites.

A number of area residents were attending Circuit Court in Elizabeth.

It was learned that Sen. Donna Boley was busy last week lining up some Budget Digest money for Wirt County. Calhoun's new senators hail from the northern panhandle, thanks to redistricting.

Columbia Natural Resource folks have been spreading stories that the Black River drilling boom is just about to play out but, it should be noted that they are very busy leasing up more land for drilling. Columbia also has seismic crews busy check and re-checking for the best location. Presently, Columbia is drilling a Trenton/Black River test on the divide between the head of Moore Fork of Big Otter and Road Fork of O'Brien.

Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Prather talked about when they lived at the WEVA station house on RFD #1, Creston. They bought milk from Ross Tucker and the Tucker children. Wilma and Ronnie would bring them a half-gallon every day or so. Mr. Prather commented that there seemed to be a poor understanding of the Black River formation. He noted it was similar to pay zones in Texas that weren't even shows when they were drilled, but after frac made spectacular wells that are still big producers. Although he is somewhat impaired by health problems, Prather actively follows new developments in the oil patch.

Spencer barrister Orton Jones was in Creston the other day looking for historical sites, Many years ago he crossed on the ferry, but he was unable to ascertain the ferry landing sites. He is to return for a tour.

The price of crude rose to $20.25. One might assume that the fellows who set the price are anticipating major supply interruptions from major oil fields elsewhere, like Babylonia, Persia, etc. thanks to Osma and his uglies.

According to a report from down at the mouth of the Elk River, one of the candidates for congress has an annual income of over $10 million. He is a champion of the poor and downtrodden, no doubt.

While the folks in the legislature doodle, overweight vehicles continue to destroy roads. WV 5, 14, 16 etc. were built to carry 30,000 pounds and now loads triple this amount are routine. Some wonder when the federal highway administration is going to step in because of the state's failure to enforce existing law.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will meet Tuesday, March 19 at 7 p.m. at the road garage in Elizabeth.

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